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Watch Multiplex Tonight on The Flash!

Firestorm’s first super-villain, Danton Black (a.k.a. Multiplex), is scheduled to appear on The Flash tonight! Danton Black is being played by actor Michael Smith. Can’t wait to see our favorite multiple menace in action! Check out this clip discussing Danton from tonight’s episode! For those of you unfamiliar with Multiplex, check out his awe-inspiring original […]

Multiplex Confirmed for Flash Episode 2!

The CW have released a description for the second episode of their upcoming series, “Firestorm and his Atomic Friends.” … Wait, sorry. My mistake. … The series is entitled, “The Flash.” However, they did confirm the villain of the second episode is one of our favorite Nuclear Nemeses, Multiplex (Danton Black)! Check out the episode 2 […]

Has Multiplex Been Added to CW’s The Flash?

Holy Nuclear News, Match-heads! Further connections between Firestorm and The Flash! Now there are reports that Danton Black (a.k.a. Multiplex) will be the villain in the second episode of CW’s The Flash. This report comes from an interview published Tuesday on Den of Geek with The Flash Executive Producer Greg Berlanti. Below is the relevant quote from […]

Multiplex in the New 52 Justice League!

I’m going to hold my comments until next week on the new issue of Fury of Firestorm. That should give everyone time to read their copy. (pssst… it was really good!) In the meantime… Last week Multiplex made his New 52 debut in the back pages of Justice League #13! … Wait a minute … […]

Multiplex’s Daughter is Batman Beyond’s Catwoman

In Batman Beyond #5 released last month, it was revealed that the future Catwoman is the daughter of Danton Black (a.k.a. the Firestorm villain known as Multiplex).  Below is a page from Batman Beyond #4 in which she demonstrated her duplicating ability.  While her father could create a limitless number of replicants, she is apparently […]

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