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Custom Mego Slipknot Action Figure

Among Firestorm’s rogues, Slipknot isn’t very well regarded. In fact, he’s the butt of many jokes over on the FIRE & WATER PODCAST. Well, looks like that might change after the upcoming Suicide Squad movie featuring our favorite Larcenous Lariat! For example, check out this exceptional custom Mego Slipknot action figure produced by Austin Hough! While […]

Firestorm Custom Mego Who’s Who Box

Anthony “The Toyroom” Durso is amazingly skilled at creating custom Mego boxes. Recently he’s been doing a Who’s Who series of custom boxes. Check out this “Who’s Who: Firestorm” 8″ Mego Box!! Perez artwork with Who’s Who design elements!?!?! Yellow Dots, plus black bars with yellow words!??! I’m in love!   Anthony has created numerous custom Mego […]

Custom Mego Firestorm – Welcome Home!

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for my new custom Mego Firestorm! It’s finally here! Markneto (a.k.a. Mark Sautter) has created a custom Mego Firestorm for me! Check it out! Mark also created this totally-boss packaging! Love it! Mark was kind enough to share some of the creative process with us while creating this figure. Click here […]

Custom Mego Firestorm in Development – Part 2!

Time for an update on the Firestorm custom Mego action figure being created for me by Markneto (a.k.a. Mark Sautter)! Click here for the card art we previously shared. Mark has been acquiring pieces and begun assembly. In fact, he’s already finished Firestorm’s very first look as he appeared immediately after he received his powers […]

Custom Mego Firestorm in Development – Part 1!

So excited about this! Markneto (a.k.a. Mark Sautter) is working on a custom Mego Firestorm for me! If you’re not familiar with Markneto’s astonishing custom work, visit his blog or “Like” his Facebook page. For another example, check out his amazing custom Mego Doctor Fate (given to me by my generous friend and FIRE & […]

Firestorm Lego Minifigure… welcome home!

I finally saw The Lego Movie recently, then quickly broke down and bought a Firestorm custom Lego minifigure. I’ve seen them on eBay for years, but never felt the compulsion to own one until now. Behold the latest addition to the Firestorm Fan Sanctum. … That’s right, “Sanctum”. What? I wasn’t going to call it […]

Slipknot Custom Action Figure

Holy square knot, Match-heads! Check out this spectacular custom-made Slipknot action figure by Eli (dozymuppet)! It won 1st place in a custom action figure contest over on the Action Figure Blues forum! That is so impressive! Hard to believe it was custom-made and not produced by a toy company. Man, I wish this was mass-produced! […]

Firestorm Comic Binding – Custom Collection

Over on Instagram, a user called “comicbinding” has been assembling an impressive custom Firestorm collected edition. When finished, the book will contain the first 22 issues of The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man (1982), plus Annual #1. Essentially it’s the Conway/Broderick collection. I am sooooooo jealous! Each post to Instgram shows a little more […]

Custom Mego Firestorm by Ben Plavin

Fellow Match-head Ben Plavin took some time to make his own custom Mego figure of Firestorm! The figure started life as a Mego Iron Man, but Ben customized the head, repainted the face and created the outfit (with some help from Dr. Mego). He even went as far as to create a box to go […]

Get Your Own Firestorm Drink Coasters

Over on Etsy right now you can pick up your own set of Firestorm drink coasters! An Etsy seller who goes by MeowKapowShop has put these up for sale. Click here for more information on the following set of four coasters! Click here for more information on the following set of six coasters! While these […]

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