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First Look from The Flash: Firestorm Costume & Garber as Stein

IT’S OFFICIAL — We have a costume!!! Or at least part of a costume. Firestorm’s costume from The Flash was on display yesterday during the Television Critics Association Press Tour (picture credit to Eric Goldman, Executive Editor IGN TV). At first glance it looks sort of GQ, however, I’m not entirely convinced this is the exact […]

Dress as Firestorm for Halloween

Thanks to Target, it’s never been easier to dress as Firestorm for Halloween! Check out this hilarious flaming hat available at your local Target (assuming they aren’t already sold out)! The hat is sold as an exclusive to Target, “Chris March: Big Fun – Light-Up Flame Foam Wig”. They were available online, but have now […]

Killer Frost Cosplay Kid!

Check out this awesome young lady cosplaying the New 52 incarnation of Killer Frost! How cool is that (pun intended)?!?!? Click the image below to enlarge! The image above was posted to Reddit shortly after Halloween. I reached out to the girl’s family and her mother was kind enough to write back, providing some history […]

You Can Own Your Own Firestorm Spandex Superhero Costume!?!?

That’s right! You can order your very own Firestorm costume online! No joke! A company called Herostime has produced a number of superhero costumes, including our favorite Nuclear Man! Prices start at $72.58 and they offer lots of options and sizes. Now to complete your cosplay, you just need to set your hair on fire! […]

Happy Halloween from FIRESTORM FAN!

Happy Halloween! Today I thought we’d celebrate with a collection of Firestorm cosplayers! Below you’ll find Brad West as Firestorm at Dragon*Con 2010 Below you’ll find Allen Hansard as Firestorm at Dragon*Con 2008 Below you’ll find Eric “The Smoke” Moran as Firestorm at Baltimore Comic-Con Below you’ll find Mr. Jamester as Firestorm Below you’ll find […]

Firestorm Cosplay

As you can imagine, Firestorm is a very difficult costume to cosplay.  Previously, we’ve featured Allen Hansard and Brad West (both from the Superhero Costuming Forum) in their excellent Firestorm cosplay efforts.   We’ve also featured the super-fun 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International Firestorm guy.  Today we’re going to look at a few more I’ve come […]

Jim Lee redesign of Firestorm costume from 2003

Back in November 2002, Wizard Magazine reported that Jim Lee had designed a new Firestorm costume for the Mike Carey Firestorm series in development at the time.   Since then I’ve been looking for these supposed Jim Lee designs. Recently the sketches below were brought to my attention. Personally I like all these designs!  I guess […]

Firestorm Cosplay at Dragon*Con 2010

Check out this excellent Firestorm cosplayer at Dragon*Con 2010 sporting the new costume from Brightest Day! This year was my tenth appearance at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. I’ve never seen anyone dressed as Firestorm in all my years attending.  Allen from the Superhero Costuming Forum dressed as the Nuclear Man back in 2008 at Dragon*Con, but […]

Atoman, the original Nuclear Man?

There are tons of Golden Age characters from comics and pulp fiction that most of us have never heard of.  Several bear striking resemblances to heroes that came later.  For example, if you’ve never heard of Philip Wylie’s Gladiator and the similarities to Superman, check it out.  Along those same lines, in 1946 Spark Publications […]

Firestorm Costume at DragonCon

I’ve been going to DragonCon in Atlanta for years.  Recently I’ve made it my goal to take as many pictures of good superhero costumes as possible.  I snapped over 400 good pics in 2007 and again in 2008.  You can view some of my DragonCon pics here and here. So I’m astonished that I missed […]

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