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Buy classic Fury of Firestorm on Comixology!

The classic FURY OF FIRESTORM comic series is being made available on Comixology! They are releasing a few issues each week! At the time of this writing, you can purchase digital copies of FURY OF FIRESTORM issues #1-15 and ANNUAL #1! Also available are issues #55 & 56 (part of the LEGENDS crossover). Click here […]

Digital Firestorm on sale for Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, Comixology is currently running a sale on the first few issues of Firestorm from 2004! For only $0.99 per issue, you can read the earliest exploits of Jason Rusch by the creative team of Dan Jolley and ChrisCross! Click here to visit Comixology’s site! You better hurry because this […]

It’s a digital Firestorm – The Nuclear Man comes to comiXology!

Firestorm has gone digital!  You can now download the original five issue run of Firestorm from comiXology!  And each issue is only $0.99!!!  That’s a heck of a deal for Gerry Conway’s and Al Milgrom’s earliest Firestorm appearances. Personally, I recommend you also buy the upcoming Firestorm trade paperback.  It includes several Flash back-ups, and […]

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