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Unhappy Valentine’s Day to Plastique and Captain Atom

We’ve got a special Valentine’s Day treat for you today… a crossover! Everybody loves a crossover! Today we’ve teamed up with our good buddy Frank from THE POWER OF THE ATOM blog to examine the self-destructive romance between Plastique and Captain Atom. Read on below for Plastique’s perspective on the relationship. Then head over to […]

Firestorm in Captain Atom #2 (April 1987)

Our good buddy Frank from the Power of the Atom blog was kind enough to send us today’s scans! These come from Captain Atom #2 (April 1987) and were penciled by legendary Firestorm artist Pat Broderick! Story by Cary Bates and inks by Bob Smith. The two pages below served as bookends for the main […]

عاصفة في اللغة العربية

How about a little Firestorm elemental action … in Arabic! Our good buddy Jon at the Fizzit Firestorm-themed blog made an fascinating discovery recently.  He bought some Superman comics translated into Arabic for a friend who’s learning the language.  As he was flipping through a comic he purchased and stumbled across Firestorm!  Arabic Superman #703 […]

Atoman, the original Nuclear Man?

There are tons of Golden Age characters from comics and pulp fiction that most of us have never heard of.  Several bear striking resemblances to heroes that came later.  For example, if you’ve never heard of Philip Wylie’s Gladiator and the similarities to Superman, check it out.  Along those same lines, in 1946 Spark Publications […]

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