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April Fool’s Day Hijinks from Count Drunkula & Anj!

Our friend Count Drunkula over at Flowers & Fishnets: A Black Canary blog had some fun at my expense on April Fool’s Day. He re-dressed his blog as … wait for it … FIRESTORM FAN! What?!?! Drunkula has a unique, and quite possibly psychotic, sense of humor. To completely mess with his reader’s minds, and […]

Silhouette Art by Steve Garcia – Massive Blog Crossover

Inspiring Artwork and a Blog Crossover?!?! Two great tastes that taste great together! 22 different blogs have joined forces today to celebrate the eye-catching silhouettes produced by artist Steve Garcia! Below you’ll find striking images of our favorite Nuclear Man and his Frigid Foe! These would make great posters! Finally, here is a Firestorm silhouette wallpaper! […]

Geek Talk – FIRE & WATER Episode #59 Play in new window | DownloadThe 59th episode of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST is now available for your listening pleasure! THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST is the official podcast of FIRESTORM FAN and THE AQUAMAN SHRINE. Geek out with us! This episode Shag and Rob discuss a range of comic-related topics, such as: titles we’re currently […]

Happy Birthday Firestorm Fan Blog!

Today marks the third birthday of the FIRESTORM FAN blog!  Hard to believe it’s been three years already!  More than 400 posts, over 1,500 comments, and nearly 250,000 page views!  It all began with a post entitled, “Why a Firestorm blog?”  When I started this site, Ronnie Raymond was dead and Firestorm was composed of […]

Facebook Page for Firestorm Fan – Show Your Support

That’s right!  FIRESTORM FAN is finally on Facebook! Like us on Facebook Heads-up Facebook users, I’ve launched a Facebook page for FIRESTORM FAN!  Please stop by, check it out, and “Like” the page!  In addition to announcing new posts, I’ll also share links to various Firestorm-related items that don’t merit an entire post here.  Click […]

Follow FIRESTORM FAN and show your support

A big THANK YOU to all the Firestorm fans who read this blog!  I sincerely appreciate that you take time out of your busy week to read my thoughts on the Nuclear Man.  When I started this blog back in January 2009, I had no idea how long it would last or if anyone would […]

George Perez Sketch and Green Arrow Crossover

GEORGE PEREZ AT DRAGONCON While at DragonCon over Labor Day weekend, I was fortunate enough to meet famed comic artist George Perez! He’s super nice and really seems to enjoy meeting fans.  First I saw him on the Avengers Assembled panel, then later that afternoon he was at his table in Artist Alley.  I went […]

Contest and Feedback Request

Hey there Firestorm Fans!  I hope you are enjoying this blog as much as I’m enjoying putting it together.  This is never going to be one of those sites that thousands of people visit each day.  This is really just a labor of love for me, and I’m fine with that.  However, since you are […]

Fizzit – Another Firestorm blog

Remember months ago when I said that no one else had done a Firestorm-specific blog?  Turns out I was wrong!  Jon from New Zealand did quite a few fantastic Firestorm-related posts on his blog Fizzit back in 2007 & 2008.  You’ve gotta check out his site!  I’m totally envious of his brilliant posts. One of […]

Crisis on Earth-Blog – George Perez/Alex Ross paint Firestorm

We’ve got a very special treat for you!  Eleven different superhero blogs have combined forces today to each cover the same topic!  All of them will focus on the George Perez/Alex Ross painting from the Crisis on Infinite Earths 1998 hardcover.  Each blogger is writing their own entry, highlighting the character their site is dedicated […]

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