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Happy Birthday, Gerry Conway!

We want to wish a Happy Birthday to Firestorm co-creator and writer (and super-creative and all-around nice guy) Gerry Conway!! Hope it’s a great one, Gerry! Support Firestorm (and Gerry Conway)! Fan the Flame!

Gethin Arfon Schofield’s Firestorm birthday cake!

Check out this awesome birthday cake for Match-head Gethin Arfon Schofield! It was created by Ruth’s Cakes of Anglesey and was delicious according to the birthday boy! Gethin stated that Firestorm was the first superhero he liked. For years he only had issue #53. Hopefully he’s found a few more Firestorm comics since then! Happy belated birthday, Gethin! […]

Happy Birthday to Firestorm! 36 Years Old Today!

Happy Birthday Firestorm! Hard to believe you’re 36 years old today! You still seem like a teenager to us readers. There is some dispute as to the exact release date of Firestorm’s first issue. The house ad above identifies the release date as December 6, 1977, however, Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics (a fantastic […]

Happy Birthday Firestorm Fan Blog!

Today marks the third birthday of the FIRESTORM FAN blog!  Hard to believe it’s been three years already!  More than 400 posts, over 1,500 comments, and nearly 250,000 page views!  It all began with a post entitled, “Why a Firestorm blog?”  When I started this site, Ronnie Raymond was dead and Firestorm was composed of […]

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