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JLA Satellite Era Poker Game by Jamal Igle

Check out this super-fun drawing by Firestorm vol III artist Jamal Igle! This is the Satellite Era Justice League kicking back and enjoying some time off!  Going around the table from left to right you’ve got: Barry Allen (Flash), Ronnie Raymond (one half of Firestorm), Professor Martin Stein (the other half of Firestorm), Ray Palmer […]

Unresolved Issues – The Behind-the-Scenes Spat Between Aquaman and Firestorm

We’ve got a special treat for you today… a crossover!  Everybody loves a crossover!  Today we’ve teamed up with our good friend Rob from THE AQUAMAN SHRINE to tackle some unresolved issues between Firestorm and Aquaman that have been festering for nearly 30 years.  As I’ll demonstrate below, the problems between these two heroes really […]

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