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Super Heroes Have Issues Too t-shirt

Fellow match-head Patrick Wait recently spotted this humorous t-shirt at Kohl’s.  You can also order it from My Tee Spot. It’s hard to make out the design from the image above, so I found this other image online.  Apparently they don’t make the white version anymore, but the design is essentially the same as the […]

Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Wears Firestorm

This past week on The Big Bang Theory, the character of Sheldon was spotted wearing a t-shirt featuring Firestorm!  The episode was entitled “The Russian Rocket Reaction” and you can see the shirt below. Below is a close-up of the t-shirt image.  We featured it here on FIRESTORM FAN back in 2009.  It’s an unusual […]

Firestorm Patches

There is a segment of folks out there that love to collect patches.  Personally, whenever I think of patch collecting it reminds me of the late 1970s and denim jackets.  However, given that I live in a glass house built of Firestorm memorabilia, I’m not one to cast stones. Until a few weeks ago, I […]

Over 200 Firestorm Products for Sale on Zazzle

Been looking for a Firestorm t-shirt, hoodie, iPhone cover, mousepad, skateboard, three-ring binder, mug, sticker, apron, or other item?  Well Zazzle has a truckload of Firestorm stuff for sale!  And it’s fully authorized by DC Comics!  Below is a screen shot of just a few of the items for sale on Zazzle. Six classic Firestorm […]

Firestorm Wallets

Check out these super-cute Firestorm wallets produced by micahmyers on  Each wallet is handmade from the actual comic book pages and covered with shelving paper.  According to his site, each wallet has two pockets, can hold several cards, and has a large money compartment.  The wallets are approximately 8″ wide when opened and 2.5″ […]

New Firestorm T-shirts – WANT!

Here are two new Firestorm t-shirts from PopFunk! This first one below is entitled, “Ring of Firestorm“.  It’s a nice representation of the Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein Firestorm.  I like the bold orange and the faded look.  Great shirt!  The artwork appears to be stock art provided by the same artist that did this other shirt.  […]

Nuclear News – 2009.10.26 – T-Shirt, Wallpapers, M&Ms, and more

Blackest Night #4 is due in stores this week!  Be sure to pick up your copy.  After last issue, I’m pretty anxious to find out what’s going on with our favorite match-head.  Until then, here are some Firestorm sighting across the net to keep you satisfied. Thanks to Dispatches from the Arrowcave (The Green Arrow […]

Justice League of America t-shirts featuring Firestorm

Since I posted my JLA t-shirt featuring Firestorm two weeks ago, I’ve come across several other shirts worth looking at.  Today we’ll focus on the JLA-related ones, but tomorrow come back for a special t-shirt that I’m very excited about. Here is a nice shirt I just got featuring an unusual collection of characters: Red Tornado, Doctor Fate, […]

Firestorm Baseball Cap (unofficial)

In the early 1990s, a friend had this baseball cap made for me.  The logo and Firestorm’s appearance are based upon the elemental Firestorm from the John Ostrander & Tom Mandrake run.  I don’t have too many opportunities to wear it, but I love the look of it. Even though it’s not an officially licensed […]

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