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1987 Great Heroes Backing Board Trading Cards

Today’s item is a really neat nostalgic piece. I’d never even heard of these until a few months ago when our buddy Aaron Bias presented these cards to me. Back in 1987 (and again in 1989), DC Comics printed a very unique set of trading cards. These cards were printed on comic backing boards sold […]

Firestorm in Captain Atom #2 (April 1987)

Our good buddy Frank from the Power of the Atom blog was kind enough to send us today’s scans! These come from Captain Atom #2 (April 1987) and were penciled by legendary Firestorm artist Pat Broderick! Story by Cary Bates and inks by Bob Smith. The two pages below served as bookends for the main […]

Fury of Firestorm #61 Variant Cover

Back in July 1987, DC Comics test-marketed a couple different covers and logos. This was long before variant covers became commonplace as they are nowadays. Justice League #3 and Fury of Firestorm #61 were sold in certain areas as a marketing test. The two variants featured different primary images and a “Superman Comics” logo in […]

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