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Happy Birthday to Firestorm! 36 Years Old Today!

Happy Birthday Firestorm! Hard to believe you’re 36 years old today! You still seem like a teenager to us readers. There is some dispute as to the exact release date of Firestorm’s first issue. The house ad above identifies the release date as December 6, 1977, however, Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics (a fantastic […]

Firestorm #1 on sale December 6…

That’s right folks, Firestorm the Nuclear Man #1 on sale December 6 … in the year 1977. What?  Did I accidentally mislead some people?  Whoops, my bad.  Sorry about that.  😉 Isn’t this a great house ad?  I love it!  I especially dig the Professor and Ronnie’s silhouettes in the background.  This also proves that […]

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