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Fred Hembeck Sketch of Elemental Firestorm

Match-head Nico Lizarraga has sent us another fantastic Fred Hembeck Firestorm sketch! This time it’s the Elemental Firestorm! I never grow tired of Hembeck! I adored his work in Marvel Age and the DC Comics strips on the “Daily Planet” pages! Joy! Click here for some other fun Fred Hembeck Firestorm art! Also, Mr. Hembeck is […]

Fred Hembeck Firestorm Sketch Card

You can’t help but love Fred Hembeck! Growing up I adored his DC Comics strips on the “Daily Planet” pages, and his work in Marvel Age. Pure fun! Match-head Nico Lizarraga sent me a scan of a Hembeck Firestorm sketch card he acquired a while ago. Love it! For some other fun Fred Hembeck Firestorm art, click […]

Shag in Who’s Who!

I’ve been a tremendous fan of DC Comics’ Who’s Who since 1985 (as evidenced by the WHO’S WHO PODCAST), but never imagined I’d actually be featured in a Who’s Who-like entry! Check out the Who’s Who custom page below compiled and drawn by the amazingly talented Xum Yukinori, featuring text by my good buddy Michael Bailey! […]

Golden Age Firestorm Who’s Who – Fan art by Xum Yukinori

Check out this amazing fan-made Who’s Who page featuring a Golden Age version of Firestorm! This brilliant piece was featured on Comic Book Resources “The Line It Is Drawn” and is the handiwork of  Xum Yukinori, friend to the Fire & Water Podcast! Click the image to enlarge! I love this soooo much! It’s even […]

Firestorm & Typhoon in new fan-produced JLA comic

Disenchanted with modern Justice League comics, Lil’ Russell Burbage from Midway City has been creating his own JLA comic adventures! Russell typically writes and draws these stories, which feature characters from the Satellite Era JLA. Set shortly after DC Comics’ JLA #100, Firestorm hasn’t appeared in any of Earth-Burbage stories… until now! The latest issue, Justice League #39, has […]

Does Alex Ross hate Firestorm?

If you’re a fan of both Alex Ross and Firestorm, then you’ve probably asked yourself at some point, “Does Alex Ross Hate Firestorm?” I gotta tell ya, some days it feels that way. To be perfectly clear, this is not a bashing of Alex Ross. I love, LOVE, L-O-V-E his artwork and would be thrilled to see […]

Todd Nauck Firestorm Sketch 2014

I’m repeating myself here (for the fourth time I think), but its worth repeating… I LOVE TODD NAUCK’S ARTWORK! Something about his superhero style really speaks to me. It’s light-hearted, dynamic, and just darn enjoyable to look at. (See, I’m so excited I just ended a sentence with a preposition!) If you are unfamiliar with […]

Kevin Maguire draws Animal Man & Firestorm

This drawing combines some of my favorite things! Not only do I love Firestorm, I’m a huge fan of Animal Man! Such a great character! What could make this combination even better? Artwork by Kevin Maguire, one of my favorite Justice League artists of all time! I simply adore this drawing! When Kevin posted it to […]

Pre-Order this Firestorm T-shirt from Luke Daab by Monday March 2

Hey Match-heads! Click here to pre-order this Firestorm tee now! Art by dastardly-talented Luke Daab! Pre-Order ends Monday, March 2. I’ve already ordered mine. How about you? Spread the word! If you’re not familiar with Luke Daab, he’s an artist, a writer, a musician and a puppeteer. Luke has created artwork for McDonald’s restaurants, Star Wars, […]

Firestorm and the Flash – SPOILERS!

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of the Firestorm hints sprinkled throughout The Flash. Each week holds the promise of more Firestorm information (tonight included). Based upon the descriptions for episode 13 (next week) and episode 14 (the week after next), Firestorm will finally take center stage! Below are the official descriptions for […]

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