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Mayfairstivus Day 3 – Elemental Firestorm

Welcome back for the third day of Mayfairstivus, the nine day celebration of Mayfair Games’ DC Heroes Role-Playing Game! Today we’ll be looking at role-playing statistics for the Elemental Firestorm. DC HEROES ROLE-PLAYING GAME – SECOND EDITION – 1989 When the second edition of Mayfair’s DC Heroes RPG was released in 1989, Firestorm had only […]

Brightest Day #10 Revelations **SPOILERS**

Warning, the following contains SPOILERS for Brightest Day #10. *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** Wow.  I didn’t see that coming.  Nine pages that change Firestorm forever. The current issue of Brightest Day […]

DC Comics Super Hero Collection #46 – Firestorm Lead Figure

Just this past week DC Comics Superhero Collection Figurine Magazine #46 featuring Firestorm shipped to comic shops across the United States.  It’s been out for a while in the UK, but Diamond Comics Distributors just got their copies out a few days ago.  This publication includes a figurine of the featured character cast in lead, […]

Firestorm Writer John Ostrander Needs Your Help

John Ostrander, long-time writer of Firestorm volume II, needs your help.  John has been battling glaucoma for years now.  If he loses this battle, he loses his eyesight. John recently had some very expensive surgery.  Without the surgery, he would not have been able to retain his sight.  Unfortunately, the resulting medical bills are more […]

Who’s Who in the DC Universe (loose leaf) – 1991

Welcome back for the third installment of WHO’S WHO WEEK here at FIRESTORM FAN! Today we’ll be looking at Who’s Who in the DC Universe #10 (June 1991).   This was the fourth Who’s Who mini-series and was published in a loose leaf format (you can see the hole punches in the images below).  This […]

Why a Firestorm Blog?

INTRODUCTION Welcome to the FIRESTORM FAN blog!  You may be asking yourself, “A blog about Firestorm?  Seriously?”  Well, I say YES!  I’m a huge fan of the character and think he’s deserving of the attention. I’ve been running my other blog, ONCE UPON A GEEK, for almost a year.  While I love writing a blog […]

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