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Killer Frost on The Flash tonight! New Song and Poster!

Tonight’s the night! Killer Frost makes her debut on television screens! Danielle Panabaker has been playing sweet (yet sexy) Caitlin Snow for a year and a half, knowing all along that she would become Killer Frost at some point. The waiting is finally over!

To help get you in the mood, check out this new Killer Frost song written and performed by our friend, the amazingly talented Luke Daab! Click the link below to play the song from his Tumblr page.

Cold Hearted Killer: A Song for Killer Frost

If you’re not familiar with Luke Daab, he’s an artist, a writer, a musician and a puppeteer. Luke has created artwork for McDonald’s restaurants, Star Wars, DC Comics, Transformers, Kung Fu Panda, and more! We’ve featured a handful of Luke’s fantastic artworks previously – click here to see (and hear) more. You can support Luke via his Patreon page.

Then check out this astonishingly cool poster that was released yesterday of Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost from The Flash! Somehow she manages to be cold and hot at the same time!!

Killer Frost - Caitlin Snow - Danielle Panabaker - The Flash

If you can’t wait for tonight’s episode, then get your The Flash fix via our friends over at The Flash Podcast!

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  1. I am behind on Flash… got caught up on Supergirl last night, hopefully Flash (and Arrow… and Legends…) will be next!

  2. So many geek out moments in this episode. And the scene with Barry on the phone…dang, that got to me. Great performance by Gustin.


  3. Lee Novak says:

    Flash was great, nice easter eggs while they ran through the breach to Earth 2. I am sure everyone is thrilled about the Legion of Super Heroes foreshadowing. :)

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