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Danielle Panabaker in costume as Killer Frost

Two weeks ago Danielle Panabaker appeared on The Talk to promote The Flash. While there she shared a photo of herself as Killer Frost taken during the filming of the season one finale! In the actual episode Killer Frost was obscured by the time corridor (or whatever it was) that Barry was running through. Here you can clearly see her costume and just how sexy Panabaker looks as Killer Frost! Wowza!

Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost on The Flash

Danielle Panabaker continues to impress me. In interviews and face-to-face, she comes across as a really wonderful and intelligent woman. My own experience meeting her was a complete joy! If you’d like to watch Panabaker’s segment on The Talk, click here.

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  1. Martin Stein Returns (Robert Gross) says:

    Did you catch on the Flash this week Jay Garrick’s shout-out to the existence of an Earth-2 Aquaman?

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