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Custom Mego Slipknot Action Figure

Among Firestorm’s rogues, Slipknot isn’t very well regarded. In fact, he’s the butt of many jokes over on the FIRE & WATER PODCAST. Well, looks like that might change after the upcoming Suicide Squad movie featuring our favorite Larcenous Lariat!

For example, check out this exceptional custom Mego Slipknot action figure produced by Austin Hough! While I haven’t spoken with Austin, I’d speculate this figure might not have been made if the upcoming movie hadn’t raised Slipknot’s profile. Again, just hazarding a guess. Perhaps Austin can enlighten us in the comments.

Austin posted this custom figure last week on the Mego Museum forum. He made some costume modifications as he didn’t like the open ribs and huge sleeves. This saddens me as I love those unique, yet admittedly bizarre, costume quirks. Even with the costume changes, you can see this is a super-fun looking custom figure!!

Custom Mego Slipknot action figure by Austin Hough

Custom Mego Slipknot action figure by Austin Hough

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first custom Slipknot action figure I’ve seen! Click here to see a custom Slipknot action figure in the style of the DC Direct figures! If you love custom Mego action figures, check out this custom Mego Firestorm created for me by Markneto!

My thanks to Chris Franklin and Anthony Durso (and anyone else I’m forgetting) for making me aware of this super-fun custom figure!

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  1. Whoa!! Check this out! Legit Firestorm in Mego style coming soon!!

  2. Man, I need to catch up on these!


  3. Austin Hough says:

    Thanks for the love! I have wanted to make a custom Mego Slipknot for over 15 years, but he was just low on the priority list. 😉 Just finally got around to him, I guess. Peace, Love, and Megos! Austin

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