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Golden Age Firestorm Who’s Who – Fan art by Xum Yukinori

Check out this amazing fan-made Who’s Who page featuring a Golden Age version of Firestorm! This brilliant piece was featured on Comic Book Resources “The Line It Is Drawn” and is the handiwork of  Xum Yukinori, friend to the Fire & Water Podcast! Click the image to enlarge!

Golden Age Firestorm Who's Who by Xum Yukinori

I love this soooo much! It’s even funnier as this Firestorm fought the Golden Age Aquaman! My thanks to Xum for sharing this super-fun piece with us!

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  1. That is flat-out awesome Xum. I’d like to subscribe to the reality you’ve created here. :-)


  2. Joe X says:

    Question for Xum: Is Dora Dane supposed to be a gender-swapped version of Sea Devil Dane Dorrance? Because if so, that is awesome.

  3. Xum Yukinori says:

    Thank you for the kind words, gentlemen. I am pleased that you enjoyed it as much as I did creating it.

    Joe, Dora Dane is actually a play on “Doreen Day”. Much like Professor Raymond Martin was a play on the modern Firestorm’s dual identities, I wanted to do the same for this character’s “love interest”. I do know who Dane Dorrance is… and that may be partly why “Dora Dane” sounded like a good name — but I was not consciously thinking of him when I came up with the name.

    I realize that she may now seem a little less awesome… but I have to be honest…

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