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Firestorm in Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

The era of Firestorm on television continues, Match-heads! The trailer for CW’s new show Legends of Tomorrow was released yesterday and it features both Firestorm and Professor Martin Stein! Below you’ll find the first team shot released, plus the trailer itself!

Legends of Tomorrow - Starring Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein of Firestorm

If you can’t view the embedded trailer below, click here:

We know from casting announcements that Victor Garber will be a regular cast member of Legends of Tomorrow as Professor Martin Stein. We also know that Robbie Amell will NOT be a member of the cast. In fact, current speculation is that Ronnie Raymond will die in the season finale of The Flash. This speculation is being driven by Robbie Amell’s absence in Legends of Tomorrow, and the description of The Flash season finale as, “heartbreaking.”

So what’s up with Firestorm in Legends of Tomorrow (LOT) trailer? Here are my thoughts:

  • Some of the Firestorm shots are repurposed from previous episodes of The Flash.
  • The new footage of Firestorm very carefully avoids showing you Firestorm’s face. This avoidance could be purposeful if it turns out that Professor Stein fuses with someone other than Ronnie Raymond to create Firestorm. The folks behind the show would want to avoid spoiling that plot point in the trailer.
  • Rip Hunter implies that some of the team may die. So perhaps Ronnie Raymond doesn’t die in The Flash season finale, but instead appears in the LOT pilot (including the new scenes in this trailer), and then dies during the LOT pilot. This would require very careful camera work to avoid showing Ronnie Raymond up close since Robbie Amell isn’t in the show. We know from interviews that the special effects gurus who work on The Flash have a digital version of Robbie Amell for the Firestorm scenes.  They could just use the digital Robbie Amell from a distance for Firestorm in LOT.
  • Maybe Ronnie Raymond doesn’t die in The Flash season finale, and will make very infrequent guest-appearances in the LOT series. Again, these could be carefully filmed to avoid showing Ronnie Raymond up close

Regardless what happens with Firestorm and Ronnie Raymond, we will definitely be getting a weekly dose of Professor Martin Stein! And if this trailer is anything to go by, he’s going to be pretty snarky and funny!

So excited!  Can’t wait for 2016!!

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  1. Keith G. Baker says:

    Praying to all of the New and Old Gods that they don’t replace Ronnie w/”Jay Johnson” (which seems to be an obvious feint for Jason). This would be a tremendous buzzkill. Would rather Ronnie is “gone” with a possibility of guest staring. Or, better yet, just recast Ronnie. There are lots of good-looking CW guys out there (Plus, I’m sure there’s more Amell cousins hiding out in the frozen tundra somewhere).

  2. I’m still pretty annoyed at Atom being changed to Iron Man (I mean, really that would be perfect for Booster Gold), but Rip Hunter as Constantine? Hmmm….

    1. James says:

      Well it has led me to come up with many personal memes. Like how “Ray Palmer wants an American hot dog and an interview on The View.” Or “Where’s Ray’s secretary, Salt Panns?” Or, “We may not be able to rescue the Earth, but we’ll darn sure Justify it.”

      1. ahahahaha win.

        Though the more I think about it, the more I wish that was Booster Gold instead and it would be more fitting.

        I also would have accepted Ray Palmer coming to the rich, Oliver Queens with “this great idea” and it Ollie that helps him build and construct the suit.

        I dunno, just the copycat bugs the tar out of me.

  3. James says:

    I’m wondering if somehow, at the end of the Flash finale, they find a way to get Ronnie out of the Matrix and allow him to live a normal life (for now) with Caitlin. While Martin alone is Firestorm on LoT? Kind of like a condensed version of how the Elemental storyline played out.

    Then, over on the Flash, of course Ronnie finds out he’s not totally free of the Firestorm Matrix somehow, and needs someone to merge with. Maybe that Jason guy??????

  4. CraigMD says:

    As I understand it, the few new scenes we got to see in the teaser trailer were actually just just for the CW Upfronts in order to help sell the show. They haven’t actually started shooting the pilot yet, which is why the dialogue is a bit wooden here and there and very on the nose in explaining the set up. They basically filmed three short scenes to give folks an idea of what to expect. Victor Garber has said that he will be filming another episode of The Flash in July (for season 2 of that show) which will set up his character for DC’s LOT. I think we’ll definitely see Firestorm on the show, but it will be Stein and a new actor who hasn’t been cast yet.

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