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Confirmed: Slipknot in Suicide Squad Film!

Last month we reported on speculation that Slipknot, a Firestorm foe, may appear in the Suicide Squad film. Turns out those rumors were true! Last week Suicide Squad director David Ayer tweeted a photo of the Squad cast in full costume! Then DC Comics posted a follow-up listing the cast and characters, specifically identifying Adam Beach as Slipknot! Click the image below to enlarge!

Suicide Squad movie cast

That’s right! The guy on the far left is the Larcenous Lariat himself, Slipknot! But what’s up with that costume?!? One thing I always loved about Slipknot in the comics was his unique costume design. With that creatively decorated mask, open sleeves, and exposed ribs, his look really works in a comic. To bad Adam Beach didn’t get the chance to show off his rib muscles. For a film to comic comparison, see below.

Slipknot from Suicide Squad

I truly love the character (Fury of Firestorm #28 was the first Firestorm comic I ever bought), but he’s absolutely a bargain basement character. The fact that he can hold his own against Firestorm is pretty ridiculous. He’s a guy with trick rope. That’s his entire gimmick. Over on the FIRE & WATER PODCAST we regularly mock Slipknot, so we consider his appearance in the film to be our own personal victory!

You have to wonder, how big a role will Slipknot have in the Suicide Squad film. Well, I suspect you don’t have to look much further than the original source material. In the Suicide Squad comics, all Slipknot really did was to serve as an example to the audience just how deadly it was to cross Amanda Waller. I don’t think Adam Beach will make it to the end of this movie; and if he does, he’ll be sans one arm.

Slipknot from the Suicide Squad comic

This news is a week old, so I apologize for the delay in getting it posted here.  My thanks to all the folks who gave me a heads-up on this casting announcement: Rhett_CTR, Aquaman Shrine, John Godwin, J David Weter, Andy Kappelusch, Robert Bell, and I apologize to all the folks I missed!

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  1. Doug says:

    Ah! Spoilers!
    Hahaha! Slipknot on the big screen. Wow.

  2. James says:

    Truly, between this and the Flash, this is the year of Firestorm.

    As for Knotty’s costume, I guess because it’s more REALISTIC or whatever WB’s buzzword is. It can’t be as bad as what they did to the Joker, though.

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