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Firestorm from The Flash T-Shirt – Order Today!

Are you a Firestorm fan and enjoying The Flash TV series? Then pick up this great Firestorm t-shirt today over on Redbubble!

Firestorm t-shirt from The Flash by Zenjamin

The shirt was designed by fellow Match-head, Ben Plavin! The design is a nice representation of the “Splicer” Ronnie Raymond (played by Robbie Amell) & Professor Stein (played by Victor Garber) use to fuse on The Flash!

I wore mine on Free Comic Book Day, while my daughter went dressed as Dr. Caitlin Snow! Believe it or not, it was entirely her idea! She loves Caitlin on the show!!

Firestorm and Caitlin Snow at Free Comic Book Day

It’s about time Firestorm had his own logo t-shirt! Thanks, Ben! Order yours today!

Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

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  1. That’s all kinds of awesome Shag. You’re raising your kids right!


  2. Keith Samra says:

    Good man Shagg!

    I took my niece to the store for FCBD. She went as the “Pink Widow”… Because she hates black and pink is pretty :p

  3. Keith Samra says:

    BTW I really like this shirt! I might look at getting myself one actually!

  4. Nice! Does it have anything on the back?

    Also, is the dark red your recommended pick, Shag, or should I go with something else? (i’m torn between that, black or yellow)

    1. Shag says:

      Hi Nate! Nothing on the back. I went with the dark red cause it looks great! Black makes the black strips fade out. So maybe an dark grey instead of black? And using the site, yes the mustard yellow looks pretty boss.

      1. Yellow is also the classic color. 😉

        I’m trying to decide between being faithful to original match-head or new match-head.

        Then of course all I have to do is at the next convention, set my head on fire. 😀

        1. Shag says:

          This is why you order The Flash Firestorm shirt in dark red. Because you order THIS one in yellow. :)

          1. lol I was just thinking that when I saw your post today. Touche!

            Now I just need to start dealing meth so I can get all these that I need…

  5. […] shirt was designed by fellow Match-head, Ben Plavin! Ben also designed the Firestorm t-shirt we featured last week from The Flash. For more of Ben’s fun Firestorm & Flash designs, check out this […]

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