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Gerry Conway discusses Creator Equity Concerns

Gerry Conway (co-creator of Firestorm) is asking, “Who created Caitlin Snow?” The real question behind that is, which writer/artist is getting paid for the usage of the character they created? Well, according to DC Comics, apparently nobody.

Caitlin Snow on The Flash

Gerry wrote a fascinating piece earlier this week over on Tumblr. The post explains that DC Comics is using a loophole to avoid paying creators the appropriate amount of “creator equity participation”.  A couple prime examples Gerry provides are Caitlin Snow and Power Girl.

Head over to Gerry’s Tumblr, read the article, and help spread the word!

Word on the street is DC Comics is taking a serious look at the concerns Gerry raised. Fingers crossed for some positive action!

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  1. James says:

    All I can say about this is what I say when they do something stupid (which is quite often, or have you not seen the new Joker yet?): ” Because DC”.

  2. I’ve heard others compare this to Golden Age creators wanting ownership of their characters back. This is a totally different issue. There are contracts in place that give creators like Conway certain equity in their characters. These previous contracts are being ignored and redefined in a very willy-nilly fashion.

    I hope DC does the right thing here. This time it’s not just a “moral” thing as they did for Siegel and Shuster back in the 70s. It is both a moral AND legal thing.


  3. Keith Samra says:

    “Loopholes” that seem to profit WB!… One must wonder if this is a cleverly thought out plan by WB lawers and accountants?

    In this retrospect, Marv Wolfman and George Perez are credited as the creators of Nightwing… So now one assumes that Nightwing is now a creation of Bill Finger (and since he is yet to be credited for all his work at DC, especially a little fellow called Batman) then in turn, Nightwing is in fact created by Bob Kane?!?

    I appreciate and enjoy the work that Gerry Conway produced for DC (even Marvel), even to this day, and really hope that he does get suitable compensation for whats been denied him so far.

  4. So, regarding the Killer Frost/Caitlyn Snow rights conundrum. Does DC’s opinion change if Caitlyn Snow ever DOES become Killer Frost? Right now, one could argue that the Flash character isn’t a derivative of Conway’s creation (but should still belong to Gates and Santacruz, as Conway himself suggests), since the Flash character hasn’t ever *been* a version of any character Conway created.

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