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Firestorm Custom Mego Who’s Who Box

Anthony “The Toyroom” Durso is amazingly skilled at creating custom Mego boxes. Recently he’s been doing a Who’s Who series of custom boxes. Check out this “Who’s Who: Firestorm” 8″ Mego Box!!

Perez artwork with Who’s Who design elements!?!?! Yellow Dots, plus black bars with yellow words!??! I’m in love!

The Toyroom Custom


Anthony has created numerous custom Mego boxes! Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his website!

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  1. Tim Wallace says:

    Anthony made me a set of Blue Beetle boxes (I’m still slowly plugging along at doing my own custom figures) and they look great! Of course, now I’m jealous and want the “Who’s Who” style too!

  2. Anthony is the MAN when it comes to custom boxes. Nobody does it better! This is gorgeous!


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