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Will Slipknot Appear in the Suicide Squad Movie?

Hold on to your flaming hair, Match-heads! Rumors are abound that actor Adam Beach’s mysterious role in the Suicide Squad movie will be … wait for it … SLIPKNOT! Get the details over at Screen Rant.

Is Adam Beach Playing Slipknot in the Suicide Squad movie

That’s right! The Larcenous Lariat might be making his way to the silver screen! You can tell your grandchildren, you knew this mega-hit character (destined to surpass Iron Man’s popularity) from his days as a Firestorm rogue!

Okay, you can probably tell I’m poking a bit of fun at Slipknot’s expense. I truly love the character (Fury of Firestorm #28 was the first Firestorm comic I ever bought), but he’s absolutely a fourth- or fifth-tier character. The fact that he can hold his own against Firestorm is pretty ridiculous. He’s a guy with trick rope. That’s his entire gimmick. Alternatively, he would be an ideal foe for Green Arrow and other street-level folks (an idea put forward by our good friend Diabolu Frank). Also worth mentioning is that we openly mock Slipknot on a regular basis over on our FIRE & WATER PODCAST.

One thing Slipknot has going for him is his unique costume design. With that creatively decorated mask, open sleeves, and exposed ribs, his look really works in a comic. Unfortunately, he’s unlikely to wear anything even remotely similar in the film. My suspicion is that Slipknot will serve one purpose in the film; to demonstrate how deadly it can be to oppose the mission. In the comics he lost an arm. In a film, it might just be his life.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops! My thanks to Lil’ Chad BokelmanDaniel Cynical AdamsAaron Head Moss, Charles Barnard, and Michael Wagner for the heads-up on this news!

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  1. Charlemagne says:

    Based on this rumor alone, folks are selling Firestorm #28 on ebay for crazy money. Mind you, they probably wont get what they are asking, but they are trying. So hit your local comic store, dive into those 50 cent bins and snatch up this book before everyone else does :)

  2. Joe X says:

    And let’s face it: who *doesn’t* want to see Adam Beach get his arm blown off, if just for the ultra-stoic response he calls “acting”?

  3. Leenovak16 says:

    Fourth or fifth tier!? Take it back! Take it back, you monster!

  4. If he doesn’t have the arbitrary nipple-revealing shirt, I call BS!


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