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My thoughts about Firestorm on The Flash… coming soon

I was so ecstatic after last night’s episode of The Flash that I feel hungover this morning, and I wasn’t even drinking any booze! I’ve got lots to say about Firestorm on The Flash, but I’m out of time right now. Real world obligations have to come first (my children and my job). I’ll have something posted here in the next day or so. Needless to say, it was AMAZING! Feel free to leave your thoughts/comments here!

Firestorm and The Flash - S01E14 Fallout

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  1. Alan King says:

    Firestorm is one of my favorite DC heroes.

  2. Matt says:

    Firestorm has been my favorite character ever since I was 9 and saw the Galactic Guardians cartoon. I’ve been waiting 30 years for this live action version and it’s well worth the wait!

  3. nomadtad says:

    That was such a wonderfully written episode. It felt like a big set up for a Firestorm spin-off, which I’d welcome wholeheartedly. I never thought I’d see the day Firestorm got this type of portrayal. I love living in the future!

  4. Jeph says:

    There were a number of parts where I had to rewind and rewatch….repeatedly. That includes the clip you’ve got as the animated gif!

    After it was all over, I said I wish I could go back in time to my 10 yr old self and say “you have no idea what to look forward to – your favorite comic book character IS going to be on live action tv in the future!!”

  5. Ken Deemer says:

    I had a tear of Joy as I TOTALLY GEEKED OUT watching the Show last night!
    AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Wonderfully Done, Now we wait for Our Firestorm TV Show! I’m looking for New Merchandise from The Flash – that should include a new Firestorm Shirt & Action Figure! OH YES!!

  6. Victor says:

    When Professor Stein warned Ronnie about soldiers coming up behind him, it reminded me of the Hero Points podcast where you talked about Firestorm’s 360 degree vision. I think you influenced pop culture again, Shag!

  7. roger priebe says:

    omg omg omg

    i never thought in a million years that we would get a live action firestorm.
    let alone get it right….lol
    the white eyes
    ronnie in control of firestrm and talking to martin…perfect

    = also, i never dreamed that we would see ronnie and martin merge and unmerge so wonderfully. i mean, it looks like…it should look….lol.

    props to geoff and the gang over there, thanks for getting the flash/firestorm nuclear power hour show right and not fxcking it up.

  8. David says:

    What’s wrong with me? I’m a 38-year old man, but I just watched the last two Flash / Firestorm episodes with a big 11-year old grin on my face. I never really thought I’d see a live-action Firestorm, and I once we got the news that he would appear on the Flash, I just knew they’d mess him up… Boy, was I wrong on both accounts.

    I was completely impressed by those last two episodes. The only thing I need to see now is the costume. That’s gotta be one of the things that they add after Firestorm returns from Pittsburgh, right? Right?

    1. Spinks says:

      Me too. I’m older than you, and I had a big grin on my face too. Great stuff!

  9. Spinks says:

    just watched it. Freakin’ AWESOME! Much better than I thought it would be. Connected Ronnie+Stein. White eyes, “Ronald”, “Professor,” Flying, splitting, joining, Pittsburgh, 360 vision. Awesome to see Firestorm come to life. A dream come true…

    No bad ending. Romances seemed to work well. Fight scenes nice (too short, but nice). Props to CW and the gang for doing this right.

    Wanted: Transmutation; movement through objects; energy absorption; distance joining; more joint conversations; professor giving more advice when joined…

    Overall: Spin-off? Heck YEAH! Firestorm comic book rebirth! Yes!

  10. David Sopko says:

    The scene above was my favorite of the episode. Probably geeked more for this than seeing the Avengers Assembled for the first time. It was so freakin perfect.

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