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First Look from The Flash: Firestorm Costume & Garber as Stein

IT’S OFFICIAL — We have a costume!!! Or at least part of a costume. Firestorm’s costume from The Flash was on display yesterday during the Television Critics Association Press Tour (picture credit to Eric Goldman, Executive Editor IGN TV). At first glance it looks sort of GQ, however, I’m not entirely convinced this is the exact costume. It might just be the harness that belongs to Firestorm. First, take a look, then keep scrolling…

Firestorm costume from The Flash seen at Television Critic Association 2015 Press Tour

Next, check out the photo below. This was directly beneath the mannequin wearing the costume. Robbie Amell is clearly seen wearing a different top, but with the Firestorm harness. Looks like Robbie is wearing a heavy black coat instead of the zip up sweater. So maybe the Firestorm harness was on display, not necessarily the zip up sweater. Or perhaps Firestorm just wears the harness over whatever he’s wearing.

Firestorm costume from The Flash seen at Television Critic Association 2015 Press Tour

Either way, I’m fine with the look. Once the CGI is added of Firestorm’s flaming head and hands, the costume won’t really be noticed. Giving Firestorm’s clothes a more subdued look will work well with the CGI.

Did you notice Victor Garber above is wearing burnt clothes and traditional Professor Martin Stein glasses!! Below is a behind-the-scenes photo from the set. Again, notice the Stein glasses! I realize it’s a really minor detail, but it makes me so happy!

Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein behind the scenes on The Flash

Can’t wait to see Robbie Amell and Victor Garber in action as Firestorm!

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  1. Looks like Victor’s also wearing that zip up sweater that’s on the mannequin above it.

    Admit it, Shag, how much would it be awesome if FS got a sweater/hoodie/whatever with really baggy sleeves. XD

  2. Mckinnley Riojas says:

    My only wish is that there was more yellow!

  3. Shag, you’re going to get so many zip-up sweaters for your birthday this year.

  4. Jon says:

    So I’m thinking that the harness is there to help control his powers, and possibly instead of an actual costume he’s just going to chuck the harness on over whatever he’s wearing? Or maybe that’s the deal to start with, and we’ll get a more formal costume a bit further down the road? Anyway, it’s a great looking start.

  5. Xum Yukinori says:

    Is there anyone who was at the event that can confirm that there is a single red spot in the back of the harness?

  6. Xum Yukinori says:

    Okay, it appears that it will be three small dots on the back… (Pedantic, much, Xum?)

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