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Firestorm on The Flash – Christmas came 23 days early!

Firestorm has arrived! Earlier tonight Robbie Amell appeared on-screen as Firestorm for the first time! This occurred in the final moments of The Flash/Arrow crossover. Christmas came 23 days early for me!

Robbie Amell as Firestorm on The Flash vs Arrow

Robbie Amell as Firestorm on The Flash vs Arrow

Robbie Amell as Firestorm on The Flash vs Arrow

Earlier today Robbie Amell shared he would appear at the end of this episode, but I didn’t expect to see Firestorm in all his blazing glory! The special effects were awesome!  It does leave me wondering, will he only have flame powers? What about matter transmutation, flight, and intangibility? Is he already fused with Professor Stein, or does that come later? Hmmm…

Watching this was somewhat surreal. I’ve been following Firestorm’s adventures for 30 years, regularly blogging about him for nearly 6 years, and podcasting about him for 3 years. I’ve read the character on the page, watched him in animated form, and held molded plastic versions of the character. However, none of that prepares you for seeing the character in live action. Just, wow.

Some will complain this Firestorm doesn’t look like the comic version. That’s fine; some folks are purists. Me, I’m just thrilled to learn more about this version and happily embrace all the numerous incarnations of the character.

Congrats to Robbie Amell for his debut as Firestorm! Congrats to all the Matchheads for finally seeing your favorite character in live action!

I’m going to sleep pretty peacefully tonight. Sweet dreams, Matchheads!

As always… Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

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  1. FKAjason says:

    I just caught it. Actually, I was ready for a snooze-fest until the end (not an Arrow fan) but was pleasantly surprised. I may have to give Arrow another shot. But Flash is really rocking, man. They gave Rainbow Raider the powers of the original Dr. Spectro (kind of) and made him cool (kind of).

    Ronnie looked good and I have all the same questions you do. I’m lucky that my 2nd favorite super-hero has appeared in live-action (Ryan Reynolds was just fine as Hal Jordan, thank you). Flash gives me hope that one day I’ll see Captain Atom on the screen, too. All I will be just as giddy and excited as you are.

    Now, if only we can get a Flash/Arrow/Constantine crossover thing going on. My brain would explode.

  2. Dyops says:

    I think I was more giddy about Firestorm’s appearance than Arrow’s. Now I’m wondering if the “Man in the Yellow Suit” (next episode) is Reverse Flash or Firestorm in his “outfit”.

  3. Ken says:

    You know I was So excited! I didn’t want the show to End! I seriously was ready to Power watch All the episodes until next weeks show comes on!
    I’ve been a Huge Firestorm fan for 30 years or so & like you, I’m just thrilled to see Firestorm in any incarnation on the small screen as a Live Action hero!
    Might we hope for a Spin-off? Dreams Do come true!

  4. Anthony Durso/The Toyroom says:

    I feel like Charlie Brown at Halloween…”I got a rock”. Our CW went out in the last 5 minutes and all that was on the screen was a giant Flashified CW logo accompanied by choppy dialogue that was hard to follow. The weather crawl at the bottom worked fine though. >:(

  5. I’m really interested in where they go with this. There are so many iterations of Firestorm, they really can’t go wrong. We already know they have Ronnie, Stein AND Jason, so the sky’s the limit.

    The effects on this show continue to amaze. Ronnie’s look and the actual Flash/Arrow fight were spectacular.


  6. Randy C. says:

    The great thing is that all versions of Firestorm are valid and still exist in their respective Comic, Movie, TV Show, Etc.

    I try to take them all as they are and find enjoyment in them. I am excited to finally see a live version of Firestorm, even if it might not match my childhood Firestorm.

  7. James says:

    Well right now he was just another “lost” metahuman. When he officially becomes a hero, we could see the FS outfit proper, and then more after that.

    1. Spinks says:

      I agree James. This is neat. But I can’t wait for “Firestorm” the hero.

  8. Aaron Moss says:

    I think currently it’s just Ronnie. I think they’ll add the Prof soon and then maybe we’ll see a more familiar looking Firestorm (but I understand that it may not be feasible to do puffy sleeve Firestorm and as long as he looks cool, I’ll be fine).

    And Ronnie looked Awesome. Hair was flaming and everything…. I’m soo excited for more Firestorm and as others have said spin off show would be FANTASTIC!

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