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Custom Mego Firestorm – Welcome Home!

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for my new custom Mego Firestorm! It’s finally here! Markneto (a.k.a. Mark Sautter) has created a custom Mego Firestorm for me! Check it out!

Custom Mego Firestorm by Markneto

Mark also created this totally-boss packaging! Love it!

Custom Mego Firestorm by Markneto

Mark was kind enough to share some of the creative process with us while creating this figure. Click here for the “work in progess” posts, including full card art and details on the costume creation.

My thanks to Mark for crafting such a cool looking figure and for sharing the creative process with us! If you’re not familiar with Markneto’s astonishing custom work, visit his blog or “Like” his Facebook page.

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  1. rob! says:

    Mark always does amazing work. Looks great!

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