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Jason Rusch to appear on The Flash!

Just announced yesterday… Jason Rusch will appear on The Flash! Jason will be played by Luc Roderique, known for Supernatural, the recent Godzilla film, and the upcoming pilot episode of iZombie.

Luc Roderique as Jason Rusch on The Flash

According to KSiteTV, Jason Rusch will appear in the show’s tenth episode. Here are the character details on how he’ll fit into the world of The Flash television series:

A graduate student at Hudson University, he was part of Martin Stein’s research team on the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project.  In the DC comics, Jason takes over the Firestorm matrix after Ronnie Raymond’s death.

Obvious questions that come to mind are Jason’s relationship to Firestorm on The Flash. We know Firestorm on the show will be composed of Ronnie Raymond and Professor Martin Stein. Will there be room in there for Jason too? Is he just a supporting character or will he eventually get his own shot at being the Nuclear Man?

For more details, check out KSiteTV or Comic Book Resources (where I found the image above).

So far, The Flash has recruited from the Firestorm-verse: Ronnie Raymond, Professor Martin Stein, Caitlin Snow (Killer Frost), Danton Black (Multiplex), Bette Sans Souci (Plastique), and now Jason Rusch. I’m expecting an announcement any day now that the Zuggernaut and Bazooka Joan will appear on The Flash.

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  1. Interesting.

    I wasn’t terribly fond of Jason at the start but… well actually once his relationship with his dad became less “cartoony” and more complex I think the story improved a lot and he became a better character. I even somewhat liked his nu52 version of being the bookish nerd (though I would have rather his conflict with ronnie be the usual “nerd v jock” one than the “racial” one Gail tried to shoehorn in). My favorite arc is still when Ronnie ends up returning briefly and he & jason play a kind of hot-seat with Firestorm (Jason’s got the brains & talent, but Ronnie had the experience) – I wish they had explored that more in the comics.

    Now if you’re going to take bets (some kind of firestorm related wager?), I’d say that maybe they’re setting up Jason to follow Mikhail’s arc in this show. He’ll be a kind of “competitor” to match-head, only for Stein to die later and Jason to take over his role.

    Heh, I just thought: what if someone in comics ran with that story idea? Firestorm was 3 people, but could only consist of 2 at a time? So Ronnie, Martin, & Jason had to figure out how to do this superhero thing when any time there’s a fight, one of them has to sit on the sideline…

    We should see about just getting an artist and doing a Firestorm webcomic!

  2. When Jason was first introduced, I wasn’t terribly impressed. These days, I prefer him to Ronnie (at least, as Ronnie is currently written, a far cry from his original persona). His character has really grown over the years (indeed, in retrospect, I mostly think it was just Jolley’s version of him I disliked).

  3. Spinks says:

    From a show perspective, I think this is a good idea and choice. Actors tend to leave shows, want more money, get movie gigs, etc… having several options for Firestorm allows for several reboots to happen easily. Ronnie+Martin, Ronnie+Jason, Jason+Martin. Good choices here.

  4. Jon says:

    Given how the show seems to like killing off every meta except Barry, we can probably expect Jason to take over the matrix in episode 13 after Ronnie dies in episode 12 (that is the episode flamehead makes his debut, right?).

    I’m only half joking with this 😉

    1. Spinks says:

      @ Jon–you’re probably right. Then in episode 13 Jason dies…. I’m only 1/4 joking here.

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