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Dress as Firestorm for Halloween

Thanks to Target, it’s never been easier to dress as Firestorm for Halloween! Check out this hilarious flaming hat available at your local Target (assuming they aren’t already sold out)!

Target Chris March Flame Foam Wig

The hat is sold as an exclusive to Target, “Chris March: Big Fun – Light-Up Flame Foam Wig”. They were available online, but have now sold out. Check your local target to see if there are any left!

My thanks to several Match-heads who sent me information on these hats. If you take a picture of yourself in one of these hats, please tag me on social media! Would love to see them!

Support Firestorm! Fan the flame (flaming hat, that is)!

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  1. Dear Madam or Sir,
    I saw the what looks like a foam wig and looks like a fire, are they still for sale, and do you have them in adult size?also what are the sizes of the heads please? I am looking forward to hearing from you when you have the time.


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