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Firestorm Lego Minifigure… welcome home!

I finally saw The Lego Movie recently, then quickly broke down and bought a Firestorm custom Lego minifigure. I’ve seen them on eBay for years, but never felt the compulsion to own one until now. Behold the latest addition to the Firestorm Fan Sanctum. … That’s right, “Sanctum”. What? I wasn’t going to call it a “Shrine”.  That would just be silly…

Firestorm custom Lego minifigure - DC Comics

The hair was the tricky part. When you buy him, he’s bald. Not surprisingly, Lego doesn’t produce fiery hair for their minifigures. So I had to buy the fire piece separately. I chose an authentic Lego piece, whereas Match-head Travis Fowler opted for custom-sculpt fire hair (see below). Travis’ minifigure hair certainly looks more like Firestorm than mine, but I wanted the total Lego package.

Firestorm custom Lego minifigure owned by Travis Fowler

Support Firestorm (and Lego)! Fan the flame (and the brick)!

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  1. rob! says:

    “I wasn’t going to call it a “Shrine”. That would just be silly…”

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