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Has Multiplex Been Added to CW’s The Flash?

Holy Nuclear News, Match-heads! Further connections between Firestorm and The Flash! Now there are reports that Danton Black (a.k.a. Multiplex) will be the villain in the second episode of CW’s The Flash. This report comes from an interview published Tuesday on Den of Geek with The Flash Executive Producer Greg Berlanti. Below is the relevant quote from the article:

I couldn’t resist asking who the villain of episode two would be, and he reminded everyone of the name Danton Black, familiar to DC Comics fans as Multiplex. We already knew that Simon Stagg would show up for that episode, and Multiplex is a major enemy of Firestorm. No word yet on casting or what kind of powers he’ll manifest in that episode, but since in the comics Multiplex was created in the same accident that creates Firestorm (and on the show, that STAR Labs particle accelerator accident is the source of many of the metahumans that will appear), it’s safe to say he’ll be able to produce his “duploids.”

Killer Frost, Ronnie Raymond, Professor Martin Stein, Plastique, and now Multiplex?!?! I’m looking forward to the news they’ve added the Zuggernaut and Bazooka Joan too! They need to rename this TV series to, “Flash/Firestorm Hour of Adventure” or “Firestorm and His Amazing Friends”! 😉

There has been no formal press release yet about Danton Black (or Dalton Black as he’s called in DC’s The New 52) appearing on The Flash. With that said, the interview with Berlanti seems to be verification enough. As more information is released, we’ll be sure to let you know.

If you’re unfamiliar with Multiplex, here is some info on the comic character to catch you up. Important facts: Multiplex has the power to create super-strong duplicates of himself; he was the first supervillain Firestorm ever fought; his origin is directly tied to Professor Stein and the creation of Firestorm; and he and Killer Frost are Firestorm’s primary arch-enemies. Below I’ve included two versions of his costume (original and contemporary), as well as his Who’s Who entry circa 1986. Check it out!

Multiplex’s original costume

Multiplex's original costume - Firestorm & Flash connection

Multiplex’s contemporary costume

Multiplex's current costume - Firestorm & Flash connection

Multiplex’s WHO’S WHO entry. Click to enlarge and read!

Multiplex Who's Who entry - Firestorm & Flash connection

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  1. Leenovak16 says:

    At this point I am just waiting to hear that Moonbow has been added to the cast, played by Miley Cyrus.

  2. Keith G. Baker says:

    I just hope he has the mustache!

  3. Yeah, it does increasingly seem like this show was named for the wrong DC hero (although I suppose the Flash does have more name recognition out there than Firestorm does).

  4. Jon says:

    Is Flash even going to be in this thing? 😉

  5. Waiting for the Slipknot announcement…


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