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BREAKING NEWS! Professor Martin Stein Coming to CW’s The Flash!

Professor Martin Stein will be coming to CW’s upcoming television series, The Flash! This announcement follows the news on July 9th that Robbie Amell has been cast as Ronnie Raymond. With no sign of Jason Rusch, when Firestorm eventually appears on the show it seems likely he’ll be the classic configuration.

Ronnie Raymond, Professor Martin Stein, and Firestorm

The news about Stein was revealed earlier today by Executive Producer Greg Berlanti during the show’s panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. Series stars and producers were on-hand to promote the show. Several news sites are reporting Stein’s addition to the show, but each site seems to have their own bits of information. I’ve included several below.

A few things to note in the reports… They refer to Firestorm, not just Ronnie Raymond and Professor Stein. Just in case anyone was doubting, that sounds like confirmation that Firestorm is in the series (not just Ronnie & Professor Stein)! Also, the reports call Stein, “Firestorm’s other half”, indicating the classic configuration!

TV Line reports:

As for Robbie Amell coming on board as Ronnie Raymond — one half of DC Comics character Firestorm — reporters were quick to wonder whether Firestorm’s other half, Martin Stein, will also be making an appearance. Berlanti revealed that Stein was initially in the pilot, but was eventually written out. That said, we will meet Stein as Amell’s character evolves.

TV Guide reports:

As previously announced, The Tomorrow People alum Robbie Amell has been cast as one half of Firestorm, and Berlanti announced that the other half, Martin Stein, will later be introduced. Also, the producers are aiming high up on the DC roster. “Between [Arrow and Flash], we’ll have half the Justice League on our two shows this year,” Berlanti says.

Hollywood Reporter states:

Berlanti revealed that there is a good chance viewers will meet Dr. Martin Stein, the other half of Firestorm, revealing that in an early draft, Stein was “in a version of the pilot.”

Entertainment Weekly reports:

And as previously announced, Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) will show up as one-half of Firestorm in episode three, and that the other half of Firestorm—Dr. Martin Stein—will come along as well. “I think as we evolve Firestorm, you’ll definitely meet Stein,” Berlanti said. “We actually had him in a version of the pilot at one point on the train with Barry when he was coming back from Starling.”

So excited! Professor Stein is one of my favorite characters in the Firestorm mythos!

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  1. While it’s increasingly clear that the creators behind “The Flash” are Firestorm fans, I remain doubtful that the existence of these characters means that Firestorm, per se, will eventually be appearing. The special effects required to create Firestorm are far and away more involved than those required to create the Flash.

    I’ll be happy to see Firestorm appear, but at the moment, I remain skeptical. These are extremely cool Easter eggs, but I see no reason to assume more than that.

  2. Steve says:

    It is already confirm by Variety and Hollywood Reporter that Firestorm will appear in CW The Flash and Robbie Amell will play one half of the character. This comment is to Mark Baker-Wright

  3. Luke says:

    Wow, the old “Firestorm as a backup in Flash” thing is in full effect, it seems! I just hope they wait until at least season 2 before giving us the Nuclear Man.

    As far as the effects, considering that you don’t need to have them be in costume, a simple “burning man” look might be the fused form of the two. And the transmutation is easily enough done with some opticals and camera tricks. I’m thinking the simple CGI way that Clark’s heat vision was animated on Smallville, which would then produce a phyiscal fire effect. Firestorm points his finger at something, little wavies come out of his finger tip, and the whatever transmutes into the whatever.

    Plus that’s a power you can easily enough cut around — I’m thinking the bad guy is trying to escape in a parking lot, Firestorm points his hand, suddenly cut to the guy now stuck in liquid asphalt. Just brainstorming…

  4. Oh my lordie…. I am sooooo excited about this… Not only Firestorm is going to show up, but it appears to be the Ronnie/Stein version….. I could just explode…..

  5. Spinks says:


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