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Slipknot in Robin #145

I can’t get enough Slipknot! Yesterday we covered Slipknot in Who’s Who, and today we’re getting another Slipknot post! Hooray for the Lasso of Larceny! This page comes from Robin #145 (cover dated February 2006). A very strangely-clad Slipknot is fighting Ragman, the Tatterdemalion of Justice! It appears Slipknot is carrying a whip, rather than a rope. Odd. Story by Bill Willingham (which explains the inclusion of Ragman) with art by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens.

Slipknot in Robin #145 fighting Ragman by Bill Willingham and Scott McDaniel

Notice Ragman says Slipknot hasn’t, “.. done enough evil to be collected yet.” That’s because Slipknot doesn’t have much time for evil; he’s too busy being AWESOME!

My thanks to fellow Match-head, Edward Crosby for sending this my way! Also, if you want more Ragman, check out Chad Bokelman’s blog dedicated to the Tatterdemalion of Justice!

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  1. That book was from ’06? Um, did Slipknot get a limb replacement or did Willingham and the editor not know/care that he lost his arm?

  2. Still waiting for the Slipknot/Warwhip team-up!

  3. I like Scott McDaniel, but costume details are not his forte.


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