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Mark Bagley Firestorm Sketch

Check out this recent Mark Bagley convention sketch done for Match-head Roy Cleary!

Firestorm sketch by Mark Bagley

I love Bagley’s work. His Thunderbolts was so much fun! Love that series!

At the same convention Roy had the chance to meet Dan Jolley and Jamal Igle too! Sounds like a Firestorm-filled show to me! While there I imagine Roy was hunting for another copy of the variant cover to Fury of Firestorm #61 from 1987. After all, he’s only got nine copies so far. Seriously.

Thanks to Jay Jones for helping get this sketch scanned! Check out Jay’s Captain Atom blog – Splitting Atoms!

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  1. Roy Cleary says:

    I asked Mr Bagley if he could do Firestorm and he said sure no problem. I came back a while later and he saw me and said “almost done.” I looked down and he was doing a sketch of Firestar (from Marvel) and not Firestorm. I quickly corrected him, he looked up Stormy on his smart phone for a reference, apologized and said give him a half hour. Came back and he had finished the piece above. Nice guy.

    Dan Jolley and Jamal Igle were cool, very friendly folks. Didn’t shy away from a few minutes chatting and signing of some books. Also chatted up local talent done good Tony Harris. All fine fellows!

  2. The K.o.T. says:

    That’s sweet!
    Mark Bagley is awesome, for sure… I always loved his run on Amazing Spider-Man, and New Warriors before that… His Justice League of America was great too… I had no idea he did the old Visionaries comics until I recently picked one up at the Flea-Market. -Crazy stuff.

  3. The K.o.T. says:

    Hey Roy, how did the Firestar look though? I would have got that one too! -He should have at least offered it to you for the “inconvenience”! Ha!

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