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Professor Stein is a Badass! And other current appearances

Fair warning, the following contains SPOILERS for some of the Forever Evil saga…

In case you missed it at your local comic shop, Professor Martin Stein is a complete badass! Firestorm doesn’t have his own monthly series, and he’s been incapacitated in Forever Evil, but he’s still an important character in the three series below. Don’t miss your favorite Nuclear Man and his supporting cast! Pick up these comics! 

Check out the panel below from last week’s Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #3! This is just one panel from eight pages of Firestorm-related action. Be sure to pick up your copy by Sterling Gates, Neil Edwards, Jason Paz, and Jay Leisten! Well worth your time and money! Click the image to enlarge.

Professor Martin Stein in Forever Evil ARGUS #3

Next is another Professor Stein-centric appearance from Justice League #26, released two weeks ago. This is one panel from Deathstorm’s full-page origin. Pick up your copy by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Eber Ferreira, Rob Hunter, and Andy Lanning. Click to enlarge.

Justice League of America Forever Evil Deathstorm

Finally, Justice League of America #10 from last month teased us with this Firestorm-centric page at the very end. Pick up your copy by Matt Kindt, Tom Derenick, Eddy Barrows, Tom Nguyen, Allen Martinez, and Hi-Fi. They’ve been building a story tied-in with Firestorm’s role in Forever Evil. Hopefully next week’s issue we’ll see more of our favorite Nuclear Man! Click to enlarge!

Justice League of America #10 featuring Firestorm

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  1. Kyle Benning says:

    Inker Tom Nguyen is a friend of mine, I’m going to have to see if I can snag one of these pages starring Firestorm from him.

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