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Firestorm by John Byrne

Check out this cool Firestorm commission sketch by John Byrne from 2007!! Feels very reminiscent of Al Milgrom’s original work on the character.

Firestorm sketch by John Byrne

This sketch can be found on John Byrne’s forum, Byrne Robotics. In the same thread, Byrne was asked if he had any affinity for Firestorm. Here is his response:

I can think of a few hundred other characters who would be higher on my list. I pitched a FIRESTORM project a few years back, mostly because everything else seemed to be taken, and I thought there was enough in the character that I could find some interesting things to do with him. Typically, I was told Firestorm was “already in development”, and nothing happened. A while later, an editor contacted me about being penciler on an antirely different FIRESTORM project — also typically, the one that was “in development” had come to naught — but there were too many unknowns (the editor, the writer, their take on the character), so I passed.

Very interesting! I’d love to see Byrne’s pitch for Firestorm. Bet it would have been fascinating reading!

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  1. Martin Gray says:

    That’s gorgeous, and THAT’S Firestorm.

    I’m impressed Byrne wouldn’t just take nay project, wanting at least some indication it would be quality.

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