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Scribblenauts Unmasked – Firestorm Family

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure went on sale last week. If you are unfamiliar with the Scribblenauts franchise, it’s a series of puzzle video games by 5th Cell for the WiiU, PC, and Nintendo 3DS. The latest version takes place in the DC Universe and boasts 1,050 heroes and 650 villains. Our buddy Keith G. Baker bought a copy and has been sending us screenshots of Firestorm related characters. Thanks, Keith!

Shot of several Firestorm’s in the game

Scribblenauts Unleashed Firestorms

Ronnie Raymond version of Firestorm, with Firestorm Protocols costume
(9th incarnation of Firestorm).

Scribblenauts Unleashed Firestorm Ronnie Raymond

Jason Rusch version of Firestorm, with his original costume
(6th incarnation of Firestorm).

Scribblenauts Unleashed Firestorm Jason Rusch

Elemental Firestorm (3rd incarnation of Firestorm).

Scribblenauts Unleashed Firestorm Elemental

Firestorm suit available to playable character, Maxwell.

Scribblenauts Unleashed Firestorm suit for Maxwell

Group shot of the Firestorms hanging with Red Tornado.

Scribblenauts Unleashed Firestorm group in action

Black Lantern Firestorm (a.k.a. Deathstorm)

Scribblenauts Unleashed Black Lantern Firestorm - Deathstorm

Extreme Justice featuring Firestorm (though costumes are more modern)

Scribblenauts Unleashed Firestorm in Extreme Justice

Firehawk with Lorraine Reilly text, but with New 52 Therese costume.

Scribblenauts Unleashed Firehawk

Soyuz and individual entries.

Scribblenauts Unleashed Soyuz

Scribblenauts Unmasked Soyuz Firebird

Scribblenauts Unleashed Soyuz Perun

Scribblenauts Unleashed Soyuz Morozko

Scribblenauts Unleashed Soyuz Vikhor

Scribblenauts Unleashed Soyuz Rusalka

Captain X, Ronnie Raymond’s grandfather.

Scribblenauts Unleashed Captain X

Killer Frost

Scribblenauts Unleashed Killer Frost


Scribblenauts Unleashed Multiplex

Black Bison

Scribblenauts Unleashed Black Bison


Scribblenauts Unleashed Plastique


Scribblenauts Unleashed Brimstone


Scribblenauts Unleashed Bolt


Scribblenauts Unleashed Naiad

Zuggernaut… yes, Zuggernaut is in the game!

Scribblenauts Unleashed Zuggernaut

Finally, Keith was incredibly thorough and searched the game for numerous other characters. Sadly, here is a list of characters that didn’t make it into the game: Typhoon, Hyena, Professor Martin Stein, Doreen Day, Cliff Carmichael, Gehenna, Pozhar, Bug & Byte, Tokamak, Silver Deer, Mindboggler, Goldenrod, Moonbow, Shadowstorm, Shoe Shine, Power Company, Stalnoivolk, Weasel, and most disappointing is… Slipknot. :(

Again, our thanks to Keith for sending all these great screenshots! Be sure to pick up your copy of Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure today!

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  1. Wow, that is a terrific list of heroic iterations and rogues! Even without Slipknot, Typhoon, and the others, that’s still an impressively deep bench for villains!

  2. FKAjason says:

    So glad Firestorm’s friendemy Captain Atom is represented. I was saving up for GTA5, but might have to get this instead.

  3. Sean Koury says:

    Anyone try out the Zoo Crew yet? I haven’t had the time or money to pick this up for my 3DS.

  4. Sean Koury says:

    Oh and type in Bedbug while playing. One of my fellow indie comics had his character Bedbug added into the game because he used to work for the company or something.

  5. Sean Koury says:

    *indie comics creators had his character added.* Typing while tired again.

  6. Tim Wallace says:

    I’m giving serious thought to buying a Nintendo 3DS just to play this!

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