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Firestorm Comic Binding – Custom Collection

Over on Instagram, a user called “comicbinding” has been assembling an impressive custom Firestorm collected edition. When finished, the book will contain the first 22 issues of The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man (1982), plus Annual #1. Essentially it’s the Conway/Broderick collection. I am sooooooo jealous!

Each post to Instgram shows a little more of the assembly process. So far he’s posted around 20 pictures/videos. To see the entire process, be sure to check out the posts on Instagram. Below I’ve posted a few examples to pique your interest.  Step 1: Acquire Issues…

Firestorm Custom Comic Binding

Below is another example of his custom binding process.  Step 5: Cord sewing

Firestorm Custom Comic Binding

Below is the finished cover! So gorgeous!

Firestorm Custom Comic Binding

To follow the entire process, be sure to check out “comicbinding” on Instagram!

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  1. Luke says:

    Back on the old Comic Geek Speak forums, there was a huge community of comic binders who initially used an outfit called Library Binding Company to do this sort of work. When they were acquired, they turned to a group called Houchen, and a few others.

    You can still take a look at their forum with the various threads… I don’t know if it has all of the posts from back when I was active on it but this is a great place to get more info on binding you comics.

  2. That is really, really cool! Man, I used to use my lack of wherewithal and creativity as the reason why I couldn’t bind my own Black Canary and The Ray trades. Now I have no excuse!

  3. Benton Grey says:

    Wow, that’s fairly awesome. I wouldn’t mind having that done with some parts of my collection.

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