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JLA featuring Firestorm in Who’s Who – 1986

Below is the Justice League of America entry by Luke McDonnell and Bill Wray from Who’s Who: The Definite Directory of the DC Universe vol XII (cover dated February 1986).

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this piece. While Luke McDonnell is great for gritty books like Suicide Squad, I never warmed to him on the JLA. Given that the JLA is the top-tier team of the DC Universe (and this was released moments after Crisis on Infinite Earths), they probably should have gone with someone like George Perez for this particular Who’s Who entry. Just my two cents.  Click the image to enlarge.

Justice League of America by Luke McDonnell and Bill Wray

I’ve featured this previously as part of the WHO’S WHO PODCAST coverage, but never as a stand alone post.  I figured it deserved the extra attention.

By this post, you can probably guess what I’ve got on the brain. Might be recording something in the near future…

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  1. While I love seeing any image of Firestorm (brings a smile to my face) and I loved Suicide Squad, I have to agree with Shag on this. George “The Amazing” Perez would have been MUCH better. He does such a fantastic job on group pictures.

  2. Tim Wallace says:

    I loved it when it popped up for the Who’s Who episode, and I love it now! I’m a fan of Luke McDonnell’s stuff! Suicide Squad, the Deadshot mini, JLA…and I really dug his work on DC’s Phantom book too!

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