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Firestorm #2 Cover Re-imagined – Now with more Superdickery!

Indigo Kelleigh took it upon himself to reimagine the cover to the classic Firestorm The Nuclear Man vol 1 #2. He did a fantastic job and really captured the Superdickery quite nicely. Check it out below!

Firestorm #2 cover reimagined by Indigo Kelleigh

For comparison, Firestorm The Nuclear Man vol 1 #2 cover by Al Milgrom and Bob McLeod

Firestorm #2 cover by Al Milgrom and Bob McLeod

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  1. Luke says:

    “Sucks to be you, kid! I have to head home and hook up with my SLAMMIN’ hot wife before flying to a super satelite out in space to hang out with all of my super cool buddies and watch the game on Batman’s 2000″ TV!”

    (as he flies away) “If you get into trouble, just throw him into the sun! Oh wait, that’s me, not you, sucks dude, OUT!”

    (in the distance) “… woo woo woo, you know it!”

  2. Bob McLeod says:

    Actually, Milgrom inked his own pencils on that cover. I didn’t ink it.

  3. Shag says:

    Bob – Thanks for the heads-up! Sorry for the mistake. You inked the interiors (and did a fantastic job, by the way!) and I misread that when I was assembling this post. Again, sorry about that!

    Thanks for stopping by! Love your work on so many books, just a few that spring to mind include New Mutants, Incredible Hulk, Star Wars, and your Superman work!


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