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Legends Advertisement (1986)

The following post of awesomeness is dedicated to my good friends: Siskoid, Diabolu Frank, and Benton Grey. Bask in the “Wow” that is Legends, gentleman. Yes, it’s really that good! Click the gorgeous image below to enlarge.

Legends advertisement drawn by John Byrne

Oh yeah, and it’s John Freakin’ Byrne drawing our favorite hot-head! Sweet!

A quick nod to a few gentleman with good taste in crossovers: Martin Gray, Kyle Benning, and Anj! Good on you, boys!

For more on this ad, visit the following blogs: DC in the 80s and DC Comics of the 1980s. Yes, those are two different sites, both full of 1980s goodness!

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  1. Luke says:

    Check out Guy Gardner in there as well!

  2. Jason Shayer says:

    I could never get enough of Doctor Fate. I wished they had kept him on the Justice League.

    1. Shag says:

      Thanks for the comment! If you dig Doctor Fate (and everyone should cause he’s awesome!), then check out the TOWER OF FATE blog!

  3. Martin Gray says:

    I’m with Jason, it was disappointing that he was gone so quickly, I had a real ankh-ering for him.

    And what a splendid ad, I don’t recall it at all. Was it from an Amazing Heroes preview special?

    1. Shag says:

      Ankh-ering. Best worst pun of the day!

      Not sure the images origins. Might check with those 80s bloggers listed.

  4. Anj says:

    Looks like I am going to have to dig this up and reread it.

    Such fertile soil for DC at that time. A bunch of comics were born from this.

  5. So where’s Aquaman? Oh, yeah, he wasn’t involved in this! (strike one)

    Is that Robin back in the background, back behind Elongated Man? Dick Grayson or…Jason Todd! blech (strike two)

    No Cosmic Boy? (strike three, and you’re out!)

    And…once I noticed Superman’s oddly shaped crotch I couldn’t NOT notice it. STRIKE FOUR I’M OUTTA HERE!

  6. Kyle Benning says:

    Holy crap that is some gorgeous Byrne art!! That ad is awesome! Man I love his art, I wonder if he inked himself here, or if it had Kesel inking him (inker of the legends series) or if it was Beatty inking him like he did so often on covers and interiors. Maybe even Jerry the Extraordinary Ordway? He did ink Byrne for a while on Fantastic Four.

    Thanks for sharing Shag!

  7. Frank says:

    I need to add DC Comics of the 1980s to my Google Reader. I’m terrible about following tumblr feeds, but I at least make an effort to keep up with blogs. They recently did an interview with Mark Badger on the ’88 Martian Manhunter mini that I need to read in full.

    Yo– Shag– Legends podcast?

  8. This is a great image. And I’m with you Shaggg. I thought Legends was a good series.

    And I love Firestorm in that picture you posted. He should have been closer to the front though, so we got a better view of him.

    Fan the Flame.

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