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Trinity War Part 4 in Stores Today

Quit goofing around on the internet. Go read “Trinity War” Part 4 in Justice League of America #7 in stores today! I’ll admit, I was sorta lukewarm about this crossover when it first started. However, I’m now finding myself looking forward to the upcoming installments!

If you can’t get to the comic shop right now (what’s wrong with you?!?!), then head over to the New York Post online to check out the five page preview! Just so you know, a particular Firestorm rogue makes an appearance in the preview! Below is the cover by Doug Mahnke which includes our favorite Nuclear Man! Click the image below to enlarge.

Justice League of America #7 cover by Doug Mahnke

We’ll talk later. Hopefully there will be some Firestormy-goodness to discuss. Leave your comments here!

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  1. Martin Gray says:

    There’s a bit of Firestorm – if you cannae wait, here’s my review:

  2. Luke says:

    Hawkman right in front… hopefully he will have more to do in this issue! (That having been said I have been enjoying Trinity War quite a bit so far.)

  3. Corey Hodgdon says:

    I too have been enjoying Trinity War! I especially liked being introduced to the art of Mikel Janin in the last chapter! I’ll be reading this issue on my lunch break today!

  4. Martin Gray says:

    @Luke, sadly, Hawkman doesn’t do much (I can’t recall anything offhand). Maybe next time.

  5. Luke says:

    @Martin, that’s par for the course since the start of Justice League of America, unfortunately. Hawkman is there to be in fight scenes and drop the occassional macho one-liner.

  6. Martin Gray says:

    @Luke It’s a shame J’onn doesn’t give up the back up for other members.

  7. I agree with Martin. They should give the backup to other members of the JLA not appearing elsewhere. Do a rotating backup.

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