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Deathstorm Coming to the New 52?

According to Bleeding Cool, Deathstorm might be coming to DC’s New 52!

Deathstorm from Brightest Day by Scott Clark and Dave Beaty

The Crime Syndicate of America will be major players in the upcoming Forever Evil mini-series. Bleeding Cool suggests that Deathstorm will appear to counter-balance Firestorm. This is big news as Deathstorm hasn’t been seen since the conclusion of Brightest Day.

Die-hard Match-heads are probably wondering how to resolve Deathstorm’s creation now that Firestorm wasn’t involved with Blackest Night and Brightest Day. Inquiring minds want to know! Anyone feel like speculating how to resolve this within New 52 continuity?

My thanks to Match-head Brandon Leonard for the heads-up on this article!

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  1. liquidcross says:

    That’s easy: they won’t reconcile it or otherwise explain it at all. He’ll just show up as the anti-Firestorm, and that’s it. (Remember, in the New 52, there was never a Black Lantern Firestorm to begin with.)

  2. I’d MUCH rather have seen Shadowstorm come back, but I guess that a counterpart “Elemental” Firestorm would be even harder to explain in New 52….

    1. Shag says:

      Mark – You baited me. You know I can’t resist a Shadowstorm reference! I desperately wish they would collect the Elemental run!!!!!!

  3. Kyle Benning says:

    I assume DC will handle this the same way they handle all continuity blunders in the New 52…..ignore it, never address it, and hope everyone forgets about it.

  4. shawn foster says:

    earth 3 is the only logical answer though i have fun ideas like Deathstorms essence was left in the anti matter universe which somehow reconstituted itself and he is mad Ronnie and Jason don’t remember him maybe even figuring out its the flashes fault or somthing since this is a crime syndicate thing

  5. While I figure that liquidcross is probably right, one possibly outcome could be that whoever writes the appearance just assumes that Firestorm was still involved in whatever version of Blackest Night happened in the New 52.

    It’s obvious that nobody at DC was reading Firestorm anyway, or Jurgens’ run probably wouldn’t have been cancelled, while some of the still-being-published garbage lived on.

    1. Shag says:

      You guys totally rock! Thanks for all the comments and thoughts!

  6. Also, that should say “possible”. I’ll blame it on the lack of caffeine. 😀

  7. Slobberknocker says:

    youall forget that there were alot of Firestorms in the first 12 issues in the new 52 and they are all dead. Just pick one.

    1. Shag says:

      SlobbeKnocker – Great point about the Firestorm Protocols. And “SlobberKnocker” … best … nickname … ever!

  8. SDF-7 says:

    They could actually just develop a counterpart origin for Deathstorm on Earth-3. Jason Rusch, attempting to blackmail the Zither Corporation using plans stolen via the internet from the international terrorist Martin Stein accidentally triggers the bomb when the heroic Cliff Carmichael (aka Slipknot) attempts to apprehend him and his enforcer, Ronald “The Ray Gun” Raymond.

    After a brief career, Firestorm is taken down at the hands of Black Hand, desperate to free the dead (and the living) from Power Ring (ring constructs versus actual constructs). This goes horribly wrong as the undead Firestorm revels in tormenting and ripping the emotions from the living, re-christening himself as Deathstorm and making the Syndicate worse than ever!

    Can Slipknot, Ice Princess and Ocean Mist escape the Nuclear Dead? Find out soon!

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