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Trinity War – Part 1 & 2

Did you pick up the first part of the “Trinity War” last week, Justice League #22? If so, what did you think? For you match-heads that haven’t picked it, Firestorm does appear and a character from his corner of the DC Universe plays an important role! Not giving away spoilers here, but just suggesting you pick up the issue.

There was one panel that perplexed me. I’ve shared the panel below, but I’m not sure I grasp why Firestorm is labeled as “The Prison”.  Click the image below to enlarge. Thoughts?

Trinity War tarot cards - Why is Firestorm listed as

Finally, Justice League of America #6 is in stores today! Show your support and pick up a copy! Then come back here and let us know what you thought of the issue!

Justice League of America #6 cover

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  1. He’s probably the prison because when Firestorm forms, both of the people who form him are trapped inside…

  2. Keith G. Baker says:

    The Prisoner (or Eight of Swords), essentially, represents inaction thru fear of making the wrong choice, or the old Devil vs. Deep Blue Sea (rock & a hard place) problem. Here’s some info:

    Seems to fit.

  3. Keith G. Baker says:

    Also, I can’t be the only one who immediately thought of this old JLofA issue:

  4. Kyle Benning says:

    Interesting info there Keith, thanks for sharing…tough to say how close these Cards actually follow Tarot Cards in their meaning. My original thoughts were the same as Michael’s, that Firestorm is the Prisoner due to 2 beings being “trapped” in 1 body, or maybe that intense power being confined within one body, which makes me think of when Firestorm was leaking and about to explode in Identity Crisis and had to zoom out of there to release the energy in a safer location.

    I haven’t read the issue, but looking at these cards without the context of the issue, here are my thoughts:

    Looking at the rest of the cards, it seems like the cards are very Greek mythology themed, or aimed at Wonder Woman if that makes sense. Her card seems to be the most personal in designating her “Freak” which also to me portrays that the point of view of the cards is coming from a Greek Pantheon standpoint. To us normal folk, she’d be a Demi-God, but the whole Wonder Woman series has looked at her as an outcast among the house of Zeus or a freak.

    I think this Greek Pantheon approach works further as you look at some of the other cards, labeling Flash as the “Messenger” which would be designated as Hermes among the Greek god cast, and their are obvious parallels to Flash and Hermes or Mercury (Roman). Labeling Aquaman as the “King” King of Atlantis, King of the Sea, there is the obvious Neptune/King Poisedon thing going there.

  5. I read both issues today and I have to say, I’m confused. I have NO idea what is going on here. Isn’t the point of these types of crossovers to increase readers on both books? So isn’t a safe assumption that some people have no idea who this JLofA group is? And yet, the story just dives straight into “it” without ANY explanation whatsoever. Why is the P woman talking to Madame Xanadu? What does the Secret Society have to do with anything? Why are some of the JLofAers out to fight the JL….but not all of them? Who/what is Pandora and what is going on?

    This is probably the worst story I have read in a LONG time. I feel like I’ve walked into a movie after it’s started and I’m desperately trying to figure out what is going on.

    BTW, is The Question and The Phantom Stranger the same person? They appear to be…..

    I laughed when Cyborg tells Batman, “That might fool the newbies, Bruce….” as if he isn’t a newbie. What is he, like, 18?

    Crap crap crap. :-(

  6. Charlemagne says:

    I think Cyborg was a high school student 5 years ago when he became Cyborg and joined the JL. Being five years later Id guess he’d be 22 or 23 now?

  7. Oh, right, I forgot the JL has been arguing for five years already.

  8. Martin Stein Returns says:

    This is the kind of story that just makes me hate comics. I want to read a story where there’s a tremendous threat and it takes a group like the JL, which is full of comradery, to defeat it. What a concept.

  9. I dropped 90% of my Marvel books when they started the DARK REIGN era a couple years ago. I think I’ll end up dropping as many of my DC books with “villains month” and FOREVER EVIL.

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