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Sterling Gates talks Killer Frost One-Shot

A few weeks back we let you know about a Killer Frost one-shot coming in September. Well, since then Newsarama has run an interview with writer Sterling Gates where they discuss this upcoming comic! Click this link to read that Newsarama interview!  Then come back here and share your thoughts!

Justice League of America #7.2: Killer Frost cover by Tony S. Daniel

My thanks to Jimmy McGlinchey and Jason Pope for the heads-up!

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  1. I have generally dug the work of Sterling Gates which I have read, so I am looking forward to see how he tackles the new Killer Frost.

    The other comment which is intriguing to me is that he talked with Geoff Johns about his plans for her in Forever Evil… which suggests to me that she has a role to play in the main story. I wonder how many of the Villains Month characters are going to be featuring in the miniseries?

  2. I liked Sterling Gates’ run on SUPERGIRL, and the more I think about it–$#@% he should have been writing New 52 FIRESTORM from the beginning! I’m willing to ignore his first issue of HAWK & DOVE, which was epically, atrociously awful (I’m not laying all of that at Rob Liefeld’s feet; the script, which Gates was credited on, was hoooorrrrrrible). I’m looking forward to his contributions to Villains Month. Maybe in the future he’ll get put on a series worth reading.

  3. Sterling Gates says:

    Thanks for the signal boost, guys! I hope you like the one-shot. If you ever wanna do a quick interview about it, hit me up on Twitter or through!

    @Count Drunkula (great name!) — Sorry to hear you didn’t like Hawk & Dove. Hard assignment, I was doing my best to write a ’90s-flavored fight comic book. I enjoyed working with Rob, but I’m the first to admit that H&D is not my favorite piece of writing.

    I actually talked to DC about Firestorm (post-Brightest Day, pre-New 52, right after I was off Supergirl). I wrote up a pitch, but alas, it never came to be. These things happen in the freelance world. :)

    If you get a chance, I’m writing a Justice League spin-off called Vibe right now. I think it’s a fun book, far more in line with what I was writing in Supergirl. Got a lot of heart. Hope you give it a shot.

  4. Martin Stein Returns says:

    May we ask what you might have done with Firestorm?

  5. Thanks for stopping by and offering your thoughts, Mister Gates. I’m sorry if my take on HAWK & DOVE sounded overly harsh, because I realize the position you were in, and every writer or artist tries to create a product they can be proud of… but, sorry, I thought it was horrible. I did read the first issue of VIBE before you came on board; I’ll check out the next one that comes out.

    And I’ll second @Martin Stein Returns’ request: Can you give us any details about your Firestorm pitch?

  6. Sterling Gates says:

    @Count Drunkula: Well, “horrible” is better than “hoooooorrrrrrible.” 😉

    We do our best to deliver good books — no one sets out to make a bad comic — and often there are a million different circumstances that can befall a story before it makes its way to the stands (or your pull box). I’ve tried hard to learn from my past and grow as a writer. That’s really all any freelancer can do, learn from their past work (both the good and the bad!).

    To this day, I am still extremely proud to say that I got to launch a New 52 book with my childhood hero, Rob Liefeld.

    @Martin Stein Returns: Unfortch, DC doesn’t really like specific pitch info like that shared publicly without their consent. Sorry.

    I’ll ask about it and see if I can post it somewhere or talk about it in an interview or something. Since it’s a pitch from a few years ago, maybe they won’t mind…?

  7. Bizarro Firestorm says:

    It am no secret— Bizarro Firestorm series am was Sterling Gates pitch. Bizarro Firestorm protocols was am great. Based on Duct Tape Theory, the Dog Particle turn everyone on earth except Bizarro Ronnie and Bizarro Jason into a Bizarro Firestorm. Bizarro Ronnie and Bizarro Jason use their non-powers to not save people. They not fight Bizarro Killer Frost who use cold powers to freeze herself into statue. They also not fight Bizarro Multiplex who am use powers to make duplicates of Bizarro Ronnie and Bizarro Jason so they beat Bizarro Multiplex more easily. Bizarro Ronnie and Bizarro Jason not fall in love with Bizarro Tonya and never fight over her. Bizarro Ronnie am great student and get all As on tests which cause him not to cheat on tests. Bizarro Jason am real stupid, which also helps to be non-hero. Bizarro Martin Stein am stupidest man on Bizarro World, and give real stupid advice to Bizarro Ronnie and Bizarro Jason which am help them not be heroes. Series am not great fun!

  8. Keith Samra says:

    As an Ice Villain, I find it really odd that Killer Frost is wearing black. Not colors I would associate with a character like her anyway, but I’m still willing to give it a shot. Looking forward to picking this up.

    Mr Gates, I have enjoyed your work in the past, I like what you were doing in Supergirl. I’m not a big fan of the Kara Zor-El Supergirl, and hated that they bought her back in Superman/Batman. However you did a great job with that series good sir.

    Also I loved your Man of Steel prequel comic. Again, not being a fan of the character, I liked the new twist with her in that book. I actually wrote a review of it over at the Superman Homepage. Check it out if you already haven’t.

  9. Sterling Gates says:

    @Keith: Thanks for the nice review. I really enjoyed that project.

    @Bizarro Firestorm: You am correct! :)

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