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Killer Frost One-Shot Coming in September

This September, Firestorm’s nemesis Killer Frost is getting her own one-shot! It’s part of the DC Comics’ “Villain’s Month”! Click here for more information on “Villain’s Month”.

The Killer Frost issue is one of the books “replacing” the Justice League of America title (JLA) in September. The comic will feature a story written by Sterling Gates, art by Derlis Santacruz, and a cover by Tony S. Daniel and Matt Banning. Interesting that she’s replacing JLA since Firestorm is part of the main Justice League title (JL). Why is her book connected to JLA and not JL? I wonder if the decision is related to whoever will be chosen by the JLA to take on Firestorm (as mentioned in JL #20). Looking forward to finding out!

Below you’ll find the cover and solicitation to Justice League of America #7.2: Killer Frost. Click the image to enlarge. For the announcement, check out this article.

Justice League of America #7.2 Killer Frost cover by Tony S. Daniel and Matt Banning

Here is the solicitation:

3-D motion cover by TONY S. DANIEL and MATT BANNING
On sale SEPTEMBER 11 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

Not every villain is grateful to the Secret Society for ridding the world of the Justice League. For Killer Frost, only one thing matters: feeding off Firestorm’s energy! But with Firestorm gone, a desperate Frost is forced to decide whether she should search for the missing hero or find a new source for her power fixes.

My thanks to fellow Match-heads Brandon LeonardJimmy McGlinchey, and Keith G. Baker for the heads-up on this!

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  1. Martin Gray says:

    She looks awfy cheery for someone not pleased with the Society! Still, it’s excellent to have a Firestorm villain in there. I wonder who she is these days, Crystal Frost is the most obvious name, but Louise Lincoln was around longer. I do wish they’d go back to the elegant original design, this woman looks terribly generic, and more like a Firehawk than a Firestorm-first foe. But bring her on … Sterling Gates is a favourite, and I expect artist Derlis Santacruz will be good in a New 52 house style sorta way.

  2. liquidcross says:

    She still looks like Livewire.

  3. So Mister Freeze and Captain Cold don’t wear sleeves, but Killer Frost has MORE clothing?!!


    I hate the New 52 redesigns.

    Other than that, this is cool news!

  4. Dan Janes says:

    Finally some good news to come out of the Villain month bull$#!!…

  5. Kyle Benning says:

    I agree she looks very Livewirey, not a fan of the redesign. I agree with Count Drunkula, it’s strange that DC makes Capt Cold go sleeveless, while covering up a character that in the past has been an attractive character, with some sexual tension (at least in during Crisis) between her and Firestorm. Not a fan of the redesign, and not a fan of Villain month in general. I would have liked to see Jurgens write and pencil this story, its a shame they didn’t have him on it. At least they have him on one of the Superman villain books, but I still think they underused him, since he has had a few months off, he could have at least written one of the titles, if not drawn another one.

    I guess September is going to be “Gimmick Month” from here on out in the New 52, last year it was Zero Month, which served to retcon plot points less than a year old, and create much more continuity and plot holes than they fixed.

    3-D Covers? I think they forget to slap the 90’s Marvel “Special Collecter’s Issue” tag on each cover.

    Extra titles, all costing an extra dollar, yeah sorry no thanks. The biggest bummer I think out of this, is with the extra titles, they still couldn’t find a way to utilize the incredible Jerry Ordway at all, not on a single cover or inside art. It’s sad.

    I’m surprised they didn’t make a Trench Issue for Aquaman, I guess DC is content with Aquaman only having 2 villains.

  6. Bradley Leaver says:

    I’m really not thrilled by this cover. It sounds like a decent issue but killer frosts look falls flat for me.

  7. Martin Stein RIP says:

    I thought Killer Frost was now whats-her-face from Cliff Carmichael’s team from Nuclear MEN #1.

  8. […] few weeks back we let you know about a Killer Frost one-shot coming in September. Well, since then Newsarama has run an interview with writer Sterling Gates where they discuss this […]

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