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Janus Directive Advertisement – 1989

Who remembers “The Janus Directive”? If you don’t, it was an 11-part crossover that ran through five DC comics back in mid-1989 (Checkmate, Suicide Squad, Manhunter, Captain Atom, and Firestorm). It wasn’t a marquee crossover, but was entertaining for those reading the espionage comics at the time. Personally, I was a big fan of Suicide Squad and Manhunter! The Elemental Firestorm played a minor role in this crossover and was primarily included because John Ostrander (the writer of Firestorm at the time) was directing this crossover.

I don’t have a lot of recollections of the crossover. I should probably dig it out of my collection and re-read it. Anyone remember it well?

Below you’ll see a house ad promoting the crossover. I found this ad over on the phenomenal DC in the 80s Tumblr! Be sure to check out that site, you won’t regret it!

Janus Directive advertisement

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  1. Voice of the Red Skull says:

    I’m sad to say that the only person I recognize in this flyer is Boomerang. I thought the Legends mini-series was very enjoyable, but Suicide Squad seemed lame – kinda like Freedom Force in the X-Men after Crimson Commando, Stonewall, and Super Sabre joined. However, that team grew on me. Suicide Squad received their own series, didn’t they? I never read it. “Captain” Boomerang’s costume is prime evidence of what was wrong with 80’s DC (and the 80’s were a good decade for DC).

  2. Charlemagne says:

    I remember this well. I remember it simply for the fact that this ad came out before we actually had our first issue of the Elemental Firestorm. So this ad let the cat out of the bag for Firestorm fans. It pretty much showed us that Firestorm was not going to return to something resembling a classic take on the character and was in fact evolving yet again.

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