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Elemental Firestorm Artwork

I could seriously spend an entire glorious day trolling through Firestorm drawings on deviantART! There is some fantastic artwork out there! On a recent diversion, I stumbled across these fun images of the Elemental Firestorm! The Elemental Firestorm doesn’t get much attention nowadays, so finding these pieces made me happy!

Elemental Firestorm by Ryan (IronLion82 on devaintART)!

Elemental Firestorm by IronLion82

Elemental Firestorm by Andy Turnbull

Elemental Firestorm by Andy Turnbull

An adorable Elemental Firestorm by theEyZmaster

Elemental Firestorm by theEyZmaster on deviantARTFinally, the Elemental Firestorm by Marcelo Di Chiara (dichiara on deviantART)

Elemental Firestorm by Marcelo Di ChiaraSupport Firestorm (and artists who love the Elemental Firestorm)! Fan the flame!

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  1. liquidcross says:

    That last one is some hot shit! (No pun intended.)

  2. Eyz says:

    Woah! I almost forgot about this ol’ drawing of mine 😛
    Thanks for the lil’ spotlight on your page^^

  3. Interesting, I’m reading the Mesener-Loebs Hawkman run, which while not making Katar into an elemental, did add a supernatural sort of aspect wherein he became the Avatar of the Hawk. It is a similar sort of change to what Firestorm went through when he went Elemental, including changing the general focus of the title as well as his powers.

    Nice stuff!

  4. Ray Tigner says:

    while the classic stormy look is hard to replace…the elemental version will always be a favorite alternative design as well…that third one is tight!!!

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