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Hey Match-heads, go read Justice League #19 in stores today! I can’t promise Firestorm will make an appearance, but he’s been in the past few issues. Even if he’s not, the stories have been pretty good recently so it’s worth checking out regardless! This issue features a story by Geoff Johns, pencils by Ivan Reis, inks by Joe Prado, and colors by Rod Reis; plus a backup by Geoff Johns & Gary Frank!

We’ll talk later. Be sure to leave your comments here!

Justice League #19 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Rod Reis

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  1. Enjoyed the issue. Some quick thoughts:

    * When Geoff Johns and Scott Snyder use Jason Todd in their books, it becomes a lot harder for me to pretend the second Robin is still dead. I think Judd Winnick’s RED HOOD tale that resurrected Jason was a story well told, but wasn’t worth the consequences of said story. (I feel the same way about IDENTITY CRISIS, by the way.)

    * The five page intro to the All-Newer Atom sold me. I love this girl! I loved Ray Palmer, too, and Ryan Choi after, but Rhonda is making a good impression quickly. Her fighting with an army against the Ape-Orcs smacked of classic SWORD OF THE ATOM goodness… and then the reveal that she’s a gamer and part of her power allows her to interface with computers in such a way! Holy crap that was awesome!

    * Then we get to Firestorm. Johns has done more than save Ronnie and Jason from New 52 Limbo by adding them to JUSTICE LEAGUE, he has actually given this book a booster shot of energy and fun! My biggest complaint about the first year of this title–aside from Jim Lee’s art–is that it read like Geoff Johns was just going through the motions. You can read the first couple years of Johns’ GREEN LANTERN series and see that he had something to say with that character. You can read JSA and HAWKMAN and the current AQUAMAN and see that Johns had a vision and a passion for the character. I have never seen that with JUSTICE LEAGUE… but I’m starting to, thanks to the injection of Firestorm and Atom.

    Firestorm carries the youthful wonder and effortlessness that Stargirl had back in JSA. Johns does really well with this type of character contrasted against the older, more world-weary veteran heroes. This bodes well. I think Firestorm will have some of the more memorable moments in the issues for the foreseeable future. (I know it doesn’t assuage the pain of a canceled solo title, Shag, but I seriously think your boys are about to become the breakout star of JUSTICE LEAGE 2013!

    * Superman with a beard pretending to be a hostage in Kahndaq… I think Johns or Reis saw ARGO before this issue was drawn.

    * Despero looks great! The tag says he “returns”. Was Despero in the New 52 JUSTICE LEAGE INTERNATIONAL?

  2. Brandon Leonard says:

    this issue was so great!! Wont say why yet, but cant wait for the future of the JL

  3. Firestorm and the Atom were the only good things in this issue (and the last page, but that’s more about NEXT issue). Best part: I have been waiting 30 years to see Firestorm and NOT hear the other side of his (their?) conversation. LOVE IT!!! Batman has protocols to take down the rest of the JLA? ho-hum. Four or so pages in the Batcave? ho-hum. Batman answering, “….I’m not sure.” Bull$hit! He has a plot, and it’s going wrong again. Been there, done that. What difference does it make that Supes & WW are together? I totally don’t get that. Just not good.
    This books looks beautiful, but the stories suck.

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