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JLA film based upon a story featuring Firestorm?

Information and rumors about the 2015 Justice League movie have started to emerge. One source reported that the “big bad” of the film will be Darkseid. Shortly after that information was released, the same source reported that screenwriter Will Beall was taking his inspiration from the adventure told across Justice League of America #183-185 (published in 1980). If you’ve never read those comics, it’s a huge story featuring the Justice League, the Justice Society, and the evils of Apokolips. The basic plot is Darkseid plans to destroy the Earth by blasting it with a ray that will move Apokolips into the Earth’s place. The story is a LOT more complex, but that’s the boiled down pitch. Long-time Match-heads know this adventure was written by Gerry Conway and included Firestorm! … more after the awesome covers …

Justice League of America #183 cover by Jim Starlin

Justice League of America #184 cover by George Perez and Dick Giordano

Justice League of America #185 cover by Jim Starlin and Bob Smith

Now let’s take a step back and think about the big picture. I’ve been speculating on what might make up the first Justice League film and Firestorm’s potential involvement…

First, is it likely that Firestorm will appear in the first Justice League feature film? Probably not. Seems logical they would focus on the core JLA members, such as: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and maybe throw in Aquaman and Cyborg. Beyond that, I doubt we’ll see any further JLA members in the first film.

Second, would they EVER include Firestorm in a feature film? A teenager whose head is on fire and has a complex secret identity? Could be problematic to introduce in a feature film unless he played a very significant part.

Third, I’m questioning whether the film will actually be based upon JLA #183-185. Those issues feature a very complicated story that is steeped with parallel universes, the Justice Society, and much more. Seems to me it would make more sense to base the film on the recent New 52 Justice League relaunch. Justice League #1-6 featured the formation of the League and introduced Darkseid. Those are things the first movie will need to accomplish as well. Those issues were wildly successful from a sales perspective (though opinions vary on quality of story). Finally, factor in that Geoff Johns wrote the New 52 Justice League comic and he’s DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer. His Green Lantern comics influenced that feature film, so it seems feasible his Justice League comics might do the same.

My thanks to Shane Snyder (aka The Yeastfly) for the heads-up on the JLA movie scoop.

So what do you think the plot of the Justice League film will be? Do you think we’ll ever see Firestorm on the silver screen?

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  1. Sean Koury says:

    I used to have those issues. :( Wish I still did. When I think JLA, the cover for issue 185 always pops into my head.

    Hmmm… might be getting an order from me soon.

  2. Keith Samra says:

    Very interesting article Shagg. I really love these “movie articles”, so much fun to read and play the guessing game. Naturally lately there has been much talk on the net about the JL movie, the plot and Darksied as the main villain.
    I havn’t read Justice League of America #183-185 yet, but it sounds very interesting from your brief synopsis above. If there is any truth to this rumor, they may borrow the idea of Darkseid attempting to move Apokolips in Earth’s place. The Smallville finale had a similar beat.
    Personally I dont think much of the New 52 Justice League. It’s not Geoff Johns best work. Especially issues #1-6 (hope that changes with the upcoming Atlantis crossover). So adapting that into a movie would really be nothing more, but a giant slugfest. But I see where your coming from with Geoff being the Chief Creative Officer.

    Im not a big fan of WB following Marvel’s plan in making movies. Doing the solo movies, then “teaming” up in a team movie. Reason being, WB will seem as if they are doing nothing but imatating Marvel, but with their own characters.
    The JL could already be an established team at the start of the movie, with a character such as Flash, Wonder Woman or Aquaman joining the team and becoming our gateway as an audience to the JL and the world they inhabit. Different from the Marvel movies, yet still accomplishing the same goal.

    With Darkseid is the Big Bad of the DCU, and if they have the JL battle him right of the bat, what will they do for a Sequel? It seems really odd fighting Darkseid, then fighting the likes of the Injustice League, The Key, Starro or Lex Luthor for a sequel. This has been my only gripe with having Darkseid as the main villain. Then again, if they build to Darkseid in the sequel or threequel, they will again be accused of imatating Marvel. This is a tough one, sort of a “damned if they do, damned if they dont” situation.

    As for everyones favourite Flame Head, Firestorm could easily be a spin off of the JL franchise, simply by including Prof. Stein in the JL movie. As a character I think Firestorm could hold his own in a solo film. Which could see him joining the JL in future JL movie/s.

    Lastly, if your doing the Justice League, then bring in the Big 7, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter.
    Dont replace MM with Cyborg just for the sake of change or to have a black quotant. I really love Cyborg, but I dont think he belongs in the Justice League as a founding member or core member of the main 7. I felt the same way about Hawkgirl in the JL animated series. I liked her alot, but not at the expense of losing Aquaman.

    Well thats just my thoughts on the subject. No matter what WB do, I will be there in the theater to watch this movie. I’ve been looking forward and hoping for a JL movie since they announced X-Men 12 years ago.

  3. Siskoid says:

    Oh my God, I’d managed to forget Orion’s “O” costume… How to take the Kirby out of a character…

  4. Keith Samra says:

    Thats Orion???

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